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Published: 27 March 2019

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IN APRIL/2014 we receive t.call from Andrey Ortlow,manager of UsLegalNetwork, clain=ming as representative Fedrally authorised consummer agency to do FREE Modification on troubled loan as we contacted FTC,SIGTARP and etc. We been told that due to numerous facts of ROBO sign, TILAB1B2 violation,CFLAfacts where Loan was sold Xtra beforer recording (about $286.000.00xtra) and mortgage modification fraud as our loan was named in 2013Modification Judjement Settlement BofAaca BONY Mellon and more in 2008, that we will sign request to relase records from bank via DOCSIGN and than after 30 days if bank not comply we have to serve filing in court and than we will need filing fees to court(specifically local in Fl) and we have to provide that information ahead as that time the USLgalnetwork have an attorney who will be assign in Florida and file in Fed. Court for Diversdity Foreclosure as Diversity exreed > $989.000.00+ , and justified by above records already provided. As part of doing modification We have been assigned via em. to Lauren Royston to receive and send all out files and reports ,and have all our document to be submitted to S. Harris, represented as specialist from RBC/acaUSLegalNetwork , who use to be employee BofA , senior for modification now he will handle all paperwork on behalf of UsLegalNetwork and Law Ofice RBC who supervise /or will be if necessary be involved later for what there will be separate fees and since we have done all investigation (Securitization, CFLA,Copliance Report,FRO, etc, Accountancy submitted to US atty Gen /OCC and been recognised in return lettern for fraud it will much less …. on about , but not now as we have “MORE yhan any One ” done aqnd Facts of Fraud on our Modification before and reports thast we provide qualify our case for Fedral Consummer Investigation and etc… After we try to read upon signing and unable to print (we have all the facts of communication on hands ) mr Harris stop contacting us and we learn that a “NEW ADRESS for RBC/acaUSLegalNety work is in LA under DATA compaany who also incidently contacted us for same and we lerarn that there is different Law office , and about that time LRoyston took Money $2.152.00 from our MC , and can.t return cals and A Orlov and ALL of them can.t be found we start do investigation and Attemptyed contact RBC… we found that Company not return calls, nor return Em. nor 2 attorneys who we “PRESUME SIGN CONTRACT”!? casn be found, and worse, Mr Harris try caim that we sign”MASS LITIGATION Joinder in NY”? and USLegalNetwork not returning calls /or return Em where we demand that we would like to speak to attorney weho represent us!?… as we have right by law to be contacted by attorneys …. No body to be found or return any calls from RBC lefty tyhere messages. In fact we found that 2 attorneys listed under that RBC Law offgice have credential under law offices that don’t exist long time and worse. One of the attorney credential claimed that that attorney is working for NJ Atty General in consummer complaint department in relation mortgage fraud..,. is written! We contacted NJ Atty General office and try reach such attorney : where we been told there is no such name. We file complaint w/ Atty Gen. LA and now we are in process to file in NY. It sound is very well Conspiracy Fraud by legal Law offgice and who also using USLegalNetwork assitance in La for fabrication of contract signing via Internet contract that is not to be readed, or printed and attaching thereafter Attorney names with their knowledge for fraud via Em, telephone and using Federal Gov name as authority to pool scams . As per today RBC never return calls(attyorneys) , L.Royston or Andrey Orlov not return calls or Em , S. Harrtis send cancelation… “for deafault non payment” … on behalf of Attorneys contract that we never agreed, and or “Where is the ” Mass Law Suit”… as we try to locate such Law suit that in Process.. We found “NO NAME RBC, Attorneys,” and we never seen OUR Name was added (for $2,152.00 joinder initial fees) or At List Letter fom RBC Attoeneys that they Intent to add our Name in “SUCH MASS LAW SUITS” justifying for contract for service as intent … This is A “MASS FRAUD by ATTORNEYS and their Associates else where, including LA particularly, claiming as Goverment appointed agency to fight Bank Fraud particularly BofA and all BofA Assignee elsewhere. .

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