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Published: 03 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After my last auction ,Which there were only about 4 different bidders bidding, the items that were high end items were at .25 and low amounts but the max bids had been entered to much much higher amounts, so i placed many incremintal bids and was continually being outbid by the max bids, i didnt get any killer deals out of the items i won , thought that it was a little strange that there were so few bidders and that these people were bidding so much on so many items, item, but hadn’t given it much more thought other than how much more i caused this one bidder to pay for his items as i was his only competition, well upon arriving at the wharehouse several days after the auction , i see the all the items i watch be sold to the other three bidders all still there , made me wander, so i went back home and looked up those items and bidders numbers and wandered if they where also bidding in prevous auctions, well yes they were and tons of items by these same bidders have been listed as sold too the same bidder in previos auctions, same item , same picture, some times different bidder numbers , i have no proff but i suspect based on the bidding history they have at east ten or so alias bidders. look for your self people ,likely rigged bidders 22464, 22605, 22608,23457,23457,22608, appear to have been used to jack up the bids , and if they win youll see most of the items for sale in the next weeks auction , i see it over and over (one way i can tell is there usually also are the only ones to get big ticket items for pennies ) so why wouldnt they go pick them up at such a bargin, a 500.00 dollar item for a quarter, But then look in the next auction ! there it is again relisted and some times the same buyer bidding on it again for more money ? . there are so many instances that support my suspicions and supports the comments of bid rigging made by others, too many in my opinion too be coincidence .Im not a ex employee – just a dissapointed bidder who feels he has been duped – because i was a trusting person,. Of course they treat you great , they act like its all legit , I looked at some of the other auctions for comparison and i didnt see the obvious signs of fraud on them like i suspect of covina’s west coast warehouse , but i have spent alot more time on the west coast site and i have a photographic memory, so i caught this pretty quick, not before i paid the price though. i’ve already contacted ic3 division of the fbi fraud department and will be following up with the better buisness board. i feel this auction site is not being conducted in a legitimate auction fashon, the cards appear to be stacked against you from the start, you may win the bid on a item, but i feel it will propably only be because youve meet the secret reserve price establish by a virtual bidders max bid. So dont think your gonna walk away with a killer deal. And to top it off , several of the items ive won ive had to refurbish,and ive had to deep clean them all, and make minor repairs to a few things that i was told worked as they should, I hope a lawyer will take the time to form a class action lawsuit and bring us victoms justice.

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