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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In February 2015, we contracted with Ray Fuchs (dba RDHHome Improvement Specialists) to remodel our master bathroom. He came highly recommended by Venetian Marble and Granite in Helotes, so I did not do my due diligence on him. Big mistake. This is what I was left with: Approximately 10 tile are not properly glued down as evidenced by a hollow sound when you tap on them, and one tile that came completely loose two days after they left. I had to pay $150 to someone else to come in and replace seven tiles that were either loose or had been put down with chips in them. Most of the tile on the floor is uneven in that the tile Heights does not match from one tile to another. Wall adhesive was used on the floor tile. Some of the wall adhesive on the floor was still wet after two weeks. Thinner backing board than the original was used in the shower which caused many problems in keeping the walls straight. In fact, one of the walls in the shower is so bowed the glass shower door could not be installed in the way that we had planned. Many of the tiles in the shower are not laid straight, so that the grout lines are crooked from one tile to the next. A lot of grout was left on the surfaces when they left which created an inordinate amount of cleaning for us. We had to move two of the wall lights slightly, and the remounting of the lights was done exceedingly sloppy, and I had to go back and redo it so that the actual fixtures would mount flat to the wall without a gap. When the contractor added cove molding to the cabinet that we had him build a joint was put in one of the short runs for an unknown reason and the joint was sloppy and painting and puttying did not hide it. The contractor only came around to quickly deliver materials or to pick up a check. He would not come over and discuss my issues with the quality of work that his people were doing, and ignored these issues. Therefore it fell upon me to supervise the work that was being done. The contractor charged me twice for repainting the ceiling. I had paid him for this and he was supposed to pass the money to the painting contractor, however he turned around and told both me and the painting contractor that I still owed for painting the ceiling. Since the painting contractor had been exceedingly good to me, rather then stick him in the middle I went ahead and paid him. The contractor has refused to come back and repair these issues, nor has he returned several text messages and voicemail messages. I have taken photos of most of these faults and I can provide them to anyone who wants them (email: . .

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