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Published: 24 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My mother, an 85 pound, 68 year old woman with Parkinson’s disease has been bullied, and intimidated to the point of panic attacks and tears. She has been given incorrect advice on permits, and changed that need to be done to the house which cost her $4000 that she 100% didn’t need to spend. She hired this “team” of realtors to list her house in NY so she could move to FL and be taken care of by her children. IT has been an absolute nightmare since day one. Every time my mother didn’t agree with something they wanted to do, they would drive to her house and both get in front of her until she agreed to whatever they wanted to do. She called me crying numerous times about the bullying and pressure from them until she stopped at all. I was getting so mad that they were doing this that she because embarrassed and wouldn’t tell anymore. I Actually had to get on a 3 way call with one of the brokers and my mother, and tell them what they were doing to her. My mother needed me on the phone with her to finally confront them about what they were doing. I was going to fire them, but decided to give them one last try as now it’s in the open and they were made aware of what they were doing. That was a mistake, it continued. I don’t want to write a dissertation here so I will provide a link to a “blog” I have started to try and see if this has happened to anyone else with these two particular brokers. Just in case you don’t go and read it here is a very brief overview of the rest. Mothers health gets much worse, mainly due to the stress of this particular situation. Panic attacks (not made up ones, actual late night visits to an ER for them) We decide to just take the house off the market, that her health can’t handle it. I convince her to just move to FL before the house is sold and I’ll take care of selling it. She agrees to move to FL and takes the house off the market Signs some paperwork to get the house removed, one of which she is told “is to agree to pay a commission if anyone the realtors had shown the house to comes back to buy it.” Health is amazingly getting better without dealing with the brokers I ask a friend who is a realtor to take the listing and handle the whole thing while my mother is in FL. She agrees, and meets with my mother. Friend/realtor re-lists the house My mother starts getting phone calls that she is obligated to pay the old brokers commission until Oct 15 2014. That she signed paperwork agreeing to that. My mother has no knowledge of this, come to find it was the paper she signed, mentioned above, that was completely misrepresented. My mother took their word for it and didn’t read it. New realtors broker calls and offers them a 20% referral fee, to do nothing, they refuse. I call and speak to their boss, Henry, send him a long detailed email (on explaining all that has transpired. I ask him to release her of this obligation that she was back doored into. He refuses. Original brokers start calling my mother’s attorney and harassing him. They send her a certified letter reminding her that she will owe two commissions. I have of course left off details that you can read on the blog post. This is a woman that was forced to retire because of her disease. She lives on social security and I help pay her bills. They are doing this to her for a $7800 commission. I have never experienced anything like this before, and I would really like to know if anyone else has had an experience like this, and to warn against using them if at all possible.

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