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Published: 05 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On 4-29-2015 I was online browsing for a reliable and steady form of transportation to and from work when I ran across ready roll transports ad. I called to inquire and when quoted a price I was a little skeptical being that his ad ran a special for 69.00 a week to and from work but I was utilizing only 4 out of 7 days and asked to pay 85.50 a week. Of course I asked many questions and got answers I later found to be lies. Oliver Gabriel is a true scam artist using this business to hide what he really does. I was told in order to begin service I would have to pay my first week up front in order to protect his business from last minute cancellations which would cost him to lose money. I was okay with that. First red flag was he told me I would have my own driver (lie) he was the one doing the driving. Second red flag was no receipt from his company emailed to me, only a hand written one. My first pick up was on time but that night he was 30 minutes late and had someone in the car. He lied and said she was another client who was in the area and hope I didn’t mind( I was not told this information until AFTER I was home) My next shift was scheduled for that next evening and low and behold he was late picking me up and when he called idk if he knew I was on the phone still but he was telling someone to hurry and get out at the Walgreens next door to my home and made this woman stand outside and wait until he came to get me and dropped me off late to work. I very clearly heard him refer to her as baby and seen that she was the same woman who he had lied and said was a client the day before. As if that was not enough, 5-1-15 I was off of work at 7:20am and went outside to see a cab waiting. I approached and learned that he had called a cab to pick me up. Now I have already paid this man for his service so why is a cab taking me home? The taxi driver asked me how I was paying and that right there is what pushed me over the edge. I ended up waiting 2 hrs at my job for him to get to me. Oliver then goes to tell me that I am not trying to be understanding that life happens, his excuse as to why he has not provided me with great service. Hell yes I’m upset. I did NOT pay for him to make me late to work and to miss work due to his lack of professionalism. He claims that he has so many drivers but he is really the only one. He then later said (4 hrs before my scheduled pick up time)because I was unhappy that life happens, he’d chosen to discontinue driving me and would write me a 30.00 check. Now why would I believe the check would be legit or trust that I’ll ever receive it??? Let me not forget to mention how he spoke on black people specifically trying to abuse the services he provides but he has tons of white clientele and have no issues now how horrible is that to say. Please please please if you can run far and fast. He’s a very slick talker and is very good at trying to use reverse psychology to make you feel like you are wrong in some way shape or fashion. He’ll show you a video of some female with a child who he claims he put into a vehicle and can do the same for you. He prefers to only deal with women and I clearly understand why because by nature we are more vulnerable and a man just might try to knock his head off for playing the games that he does. He’ll probably also tell you a lie about who I am as he told me the other person who reported him was a woman he use to date and she was mad they broke up as if I cared. Just know I have zero relations with him. He was hired to provide me with “on time” transportation and failed miserably. It was just pointed out that the websites he runs this scam of a business from have no safe locks on them meaning they are not secure sites. I just dont want another young woman to fall victim to his bs because clearly women are his target. Contact me with any concerns every conversation and txt is locked and saved in my device so I have proof of it all if you’d care to look. Ladies be ware of this man well this boy Oliver Edward Gabriel. .

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