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Published: 20 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

“The Achieve Community” is an MLM-company that promises 800% returns on $50 purchases of ‘positions’. For every $50 you spend, you recieve $400 in return from a cycling ‘matrix’. Each member purchases a position in line, and newer members pay for their returns, with new purchases in positions in the same line, just further behind. “The Achieve Community” has been dropped by numerous payment processors, due to high risk and endless complaint against the company. Kristi Johnson & Troy Barnes, the founders of “The Achieve Community”, constantly post updates to their forums reminding members that all is well, and to be patient. I personally requested a refund of my 20 purchased positions, totalling $1000. Their merchant processor, iPayDNA, issued & approved my refund, but also mentioned it could take TWO OR THREE MONTHS for me to see the funds back in my bank account. I have been waiting too long to sit still and be patient for my $1000 refund. “The Achieve Community” is a SCAM and does not know how to properly conduct business. They are constantly accepting new money into their program, to pay out debts they owe to older members. They have not payed out a penny to anyone in over 3 months, and are continually accepting new payments. Someone needs to put a stop to “The Achieve Community” and expose them! .

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