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WARNING - An old scam resurfaced and they started this fraud all over again. Real American Fulfillme

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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Nichole M. Lilley

This scam works in the same way as any other stolen check fraud and only the details differ a bit from the rest of them. It is basically a plot to lead the victim to believe that they are working a mystery shopper gig for a big company while in fact; they are dealing with either stolen or dirty money. Here are some of the details about this one that the fake corporation American Fulfillment is doing.
They send you a job offer with a really amazing salary and great working conditions. That is the main hook. A $3000 a month side job that you could do from home. But these fuckers pay attention to details and to throw you off the fact that this is just a simple scam, they warn you that you would not be required to give them your banking info.
Instead, they sugar coat the job description and have you believe that you would be doing an important job. They, in fact, use this sentence to describe your responsibilities:
“As a Service Coordinator, the candidate will work closely with our external clients in partnership with our Operational Support Team. Your role as Service Coordinator will be to act as a central figure in servicing our clients.”
If you did not understand what really will be your job, believe me, it is not by accident. They made the language of this thing really convoluted so that you cannot understand the shit that you are about to be thrown into. These fuckers are crooked, but they are not dumb. They’ve put a great deal of thought into making this shit.
What you probably end up doing is depositing stolen or forged checks until you get busted. And when that happens, you are fucked. Once you get busted with a false check, you are liable for all the money that was in play. And you are charged with fraud and there is a good chance you will get convicted.
Everything in this scam is focused on you even though you are just a pawn in the game. But when the shit hits the fan, you are left hanging. There are a couple of variations of this fraud and in some, you are simply laundering money for these fuckers and in others, you are using stolen credit cards, probably from foreign countries. But in any case, these scams always get exposed and the victim is always fucked.
There are a couple of things to remember when it comes to job offers you receive online. If it has anything to do with finances, it’s probably a fraud. If at any time they have you dealing with your or other people’s money, like Real American Fulfillment, it’s probably a scam. If they don’t have the offices at all but claim to be a big company, most definitely a scam.
Pay attention to those details in order not to get fucked by these fucks. Real American Fulfillment, Inc. has defrauded a number of people and you can find testimonials all over the web. I discovered this scam through the testimonials of others and I share this story here because my mom was defrauded years ago by a similar scam. These fuckers are never at rest and are just looking for new ways to steal your money.
I also believe that the fucks behind Real American Fulfillment are deliberately targeting older people and for that, I hate them even more.
HOW FUCKED UP do you have to be to target people that cannot fend for themselves and not give a fuck about the damage you leave behind? I remember when my mom was scammed by some idiots similar to these, she was depressed for weeks. She didn’t lose a huge amount of money, but she felt really bad that she got conned. It is the humiliation that got her and I felt so helpless that it fucking scared me for life.
If I ever meet a person capable of such a thought face to face, I will beat him to a pulp. That fuck is probably a pussy in real life since he is a pussy online. All of those fuckers are the same and Real American Fulfillment retards are not different than any of them.
I also found this company info connected with this fraud:

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