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Published: 03 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I don’t know Anthony but I have reason to believe he is someone who wants to stop a current ongoing process because I have never helped anyone get a loan before and although it is an SBA loan, not as Anthony imagines, and the person is in his 50s and owns a great business I am helping with management consulting in several ways. I note the filing is a couple weeks ago and there is an Anthony who works for the said company. I don’t remember meeting him and anyone could use his name. Why he would want to upset my relationship with my client, his boss, I don’t know. And I don’t know if it is him. But in any case I have lived in the same city, Colorado Springs, since 1993. I have NEVER skipped town! I never needed to. In 1993-1997 I have been practicing real estate brokerage and I continue to have a real estate license with zero complaint ever registered against it for the approx. 20 years I have been here. Previously I practiced real estate in California, where I was not only a licensee without ever having a complaint filed against me, my clients (in real estate and asset management) included the US Department of Housing & Urban Development, and Imobilier Cie, which is the investment arm for real estate of the Vatican. During the California tenure I was also a Receiver for the Superior Court of the State of California, an instructor (in Real Estate) at Pierce College, and I have NEVER EVER BEEN A DEFENDANT IN A LAWSUIT!! That is because I have always been sterling in my service and therefore deserve a sterling reputation. From 1998-2005 I was President of The Global Children’s Fund aka Worldfriendshipplace. It joined the United Nations as a NGO in 2000 and in 2005 it finished its work. It had developed a detailed protocol or set of platform algorithms which today is called telemedicine. When I worked for HUD, I proposed and executed a policy of community support for the first time in the Region for the Property Dispostion Section (the one that hires people like me to manage properties that have been taken back as a result of foreclosure) for Multifamilty Properties. If I had done any of the things Anthony says I did, wouldn’t it make sense to report me to the authorities? Anthony, since you live in Colorado Springs, I make you an offer. Let’s go to the local police office. You present your allegations. If you can convince them of anything you said they will take me into custody. But I will know who you are if you cannot and you will either retract everything you said and admit it was malicious or we will go to civil court where I will establish the amount of my damages and your liability. .

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