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Published: 07 December 2017

Posted by: deshaun

Empty promises. That’s the management style of Real Tour Vision (RTV )for you. And if Jason ever gets hit by a truck, there is no more RTV. Cheryl was their marketing professional and she left a year ago. Jason’s probably the only guy left at the firm now. What happens to my tours if he leaves or gets sick? Who services my account and the real estate agents that depend on me? One man does all of this? That would explain why when I have to call more than ten times to get a reply. This is not professional. Meanwhile, my customers suffer by waiting when I need answers. I was promised leads. I was also promised by Jason he would not put too many RTV dealers in my area. It’s always some lame excuse why I’m not getting leads. And my so called RTV dealer website really sucks the big one. Is black the only color this comes in? Really? The management style at RTV is childish at best. No wonder Cheryl Waller left. She was the only good thing left at RTV. Her stuff was great a few years ago. But today… we need good marketing solutions for Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. Where’s my so called marketing help for these advertising channels? Hello in Traverse City… is anybody home? When Jason is *IN* a good mood, I can buy tours for $10. When he’s in a bad mood or needs money, the tours cost $20. Professional firms do not operate like this. Why can’t I buy all the hosting I want for a flat fee every month like $140 bucks or so? I’d go for that in a New York second. I’m sure a lot of other RTV dealers would too. The recession is here, dude. Real estate agents don’t have a lot of money. Can I host tours on my own? No way, Jose. Other firms let me do that. Why do I have to keep pre-buying credits for my tours? I’ve got a few hundred dollars of tours here and I’m gonna have to flush them since you won’t let me sell them back to you. This is not good customer service, man. Your software is licensed from Panavue and it doesn’t run on a Mac. RTV software eh? Lies. Complete ###. The sad thing is… RTV used to be a nice company. But they haven’t kept up with change and the service isn’t what it used to be. I’m an RTV dealer and should be better taken care of — but I’m not. The old java tours are small and these were fine for a few years. But their new HD tour version is a joke. Panosolado Open Source tours? Oh my God. Are you kidding me? This is what I had to wait for? This is new and improved? QRCodes? My old fart agents have no frigging clue how to use the smart phone, let alone hold it over a stupid squiggly and click the button. I’m leaving RTV and I’m headed out on my own. My advice to anyone thinking of going to RTV… don’t waste your time or your money. There are much better choices out there and pinning your entire business model on a one man operation is just another train wreck waiting to happen. And when Jason says you are going to get paid on a gig, that’s another lie. I waited two months to get paid. Go to Hell Jason. You suck.

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