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Published: 02 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been a member of Reality Networkers for a little over two months. I am a level 2 with 5 paid personal referrals and 4 free members (those who have not upgraded). I also have 452 people in my downline, from spillover I imagine because I don’t think my promoting efforts produced that many people. Despite having my 5 paid members on their first level and I am at level 2, I have not been paid my first level commission. I paid at the $150 level when I came in because I wanted to make this work. My upline and support refuse to answer emails which I find no Reality in when it comes to Networking! This is the big problem when it comes to Reality Networkers. Networking is about relating to people on a personal level and actually working with them. There is no part of Reality Networkers that permits this. They use the excuse that they used to permit it, but then they got complaint from people accusing others of SPAM. This is not a valid complaint. You can not be guilty of SPAMMING anyone who opts into your program. So this is a ridiculous notion on the part of Reality Networkers. I am beginning to believe that Reality Networkers is a down right SCAM operation. I was in once before and I quit because they wouldn’t answer my emails. A member in my upline then, Markus Haynes, is still there now. I was hoping I wouldn’t be placed under him because after several attempts of contacting him for assistance without a response, he finally answered my email. When he did he was a little less than kind. That is when I threw in the towel. What possessed me to go back I don’t really know, but after many years between joining I truly don’t understand why I would fall back under his downline and have to depend on him to help me in any way, especially when he never helped the first time I was a member. Furthermore, Markus Haynes supposedly shows his monthly income which right now reflects that he makes $17,000+ in his PayPal account. The only thing is that the PayPal account he shows doesn’t have his name on it or anyone’s name for that matter. So, it is quite unbelievable. Bottom line is you cannot be actually running a Network Marketing company without proper lines of communication, therefore I say this company is a TRUE SCAM! Don’t Join! They will only rip you off and never help you! .

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