Rebecca Akat

Involvement in Witness Tampering, Dealing LSD, Sacks of Weed, Mocking Witnesses in Police Investigations as Homosexual Pedophiles

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Published: 12 September 2020

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Rebecca Akat, daughter of Attila and Alexandra Akat stopped laughing when threatening people with being denounced as homosexual pedophiles went bad. She helped a man named Johannes Maasland who was her uncle to maliciously defame a witness to criminal judicial hearings as a sick liar, a pedophile, a rapist and would be murdered, killed, sent to hospital and finished off. Rebecca Akat stopped laughing when her mother and father were caught threatening witnesses, hiding people from police bail and posting vicious slander, claiming it was funny. Alexandra and Attila Akat had to flee Portugal to avoid arrest for witness tampering and a warrant is out for their arrests should they return.

Daniela Markert stopped laughing and poking fun at witnesses when she was told to expect prison. Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when their plan to threaten witnesses in ayahuasca judicial hearings went bad. They and indeed their friends were caught out mocking witnesses as homosexual pedofiles, spastics, retards, deranged idiots and rapists of little boys.

The Akats were all involved in dealing weed, dealing LSD, trafficking in Schedule 1 drugs and threatening witnesses. The Akats posted malicious lies and had to stop when Rebecca’s uncle was summoned to Court.

They decided to stop threatening people with murder and violence, and making fun of them as sick retards, deranged idiots and pedofiles.

The Akats stopped laughing when they were caught out being involved in the behaviour and were told to cease inciting violence or face criminal proceedings. They were caught hiding fugitives from the police and allowing their centre to be used to intimidate witnesses in criminal judicial hearings and Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when he was re-arrested for the third time in November 2019.

Rebecca Akat stopped laughing after a plan to threaten reputation ruin on witnesses and defaming them as homosexual pedophiles for fun went bad.

Her uncle was caught out by IP trackers and the Akats were caught assisting offenders to jump bail. The Akats stopped laughing when the DEA took an interest in their work of trafficking in Schedule 1 drugs in California for which the punishment is 20 years in prison.

When the family was given a chance to be sorry the auntie of Rebecca Akat arranged for a witness to be defamed as a homesexual pedophile and found it funny but stopped laughing when her family faced a lawsuit for 300, 000 euros and several family members were facing 12-15 years in prison for drug dealing, threats to murder and a 30 month campaign of vicious witness intimidation arranged by the auntie and uncle of Rebecca Akat.

Rebecca Akat stopped laughing and also had to stop inciting nasty slander. The Akats tried to lie their way out of trouble but their plan to hide their uncle and auntie from police backfired and they were arrested jumping bail under different names. The Akats kept threatening and defaming witnesses so they were motivated to assist the police and the uncle and auntie were warned off by Policia Judiciaria to behave themselves pending judgment and committal to prison for aggravated drug trafficking under Portuguese law.




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