Rebecca kukulski

Rebecca kukulski; a woman with anger, attitude and jail reco

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Published: 29 July 2017

Posted by: Whitney S. Smith

Rebecca is a 43 year old woman who lives in Florida with her husband, who is almost 70 years of age. I don’t know what she really saw in the boldie, who is old, does not even have dentures, or even dollars! Well, some women are desperate and so is Rebecca.
This woman is one of those who scares the shit out of any men who stay with them. So this 70 year old “handsome” husband of hers is someone I know, an acquaintance. Once I randomly decided to take Rebecca’s name infront of him, pretending to call my sister, he froze! His ass literally froze, he is that shit scared of her! Now this female has several affairs going on, with random men. But when she found out that her husband was already married, she picked up a knife and wanted to kill him, literally. She was so angry, she was almost going to slit his throat. Well, we do see some anger issues there.
Anyway, so this husband of her’s hides whenever she comes to his workplace. This bitch has the habit of taunting the poor man infront of everyone, I mean sometimes she is a little too much because she is flirty and enters her husband’s office in the weirdest of clothes and walks around men like she owns them. Rebecca, who has threatened to kill someone is not the kind of person one should be around. She is a dominating bitch, who is selfish and would do literally anything for her own reasons. It’s sad so have such women exist on this planet.
Her husband was caught by the police for some illegal work, where as she herself has gone to jail twice. Yes, that’s her truth.

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