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Published: 16 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Being a victim of Identity Theft twice in two years, I have put an extended lock on my credit file for 7 years. There is also a statement on my credit file that I am a victim of identity theft and that I am to be contacted before extending any credit. It was also my understanding that nothing could be added to nor taken off of my credit file unless I was already doing business with the company. To my surprise back in March 2104 I received an alert to a change in my credit report. There was a $111 charge on my Experian credit file. Oddly enough, Experian won’t let my credit monitoring system even pull my credit file so I internet searched the company, RMG, and found that they had a problem with fraudulent charges being put onto people’s credit reports for BMG and/or Columbia House memberships. I am a member of neither of those Movie/CD clubs. I have tried to have the false reporting corrected off of my credit report and thought it was taken care of until today, May 11, 2014, when i received ANOTHER notice from my credit monitoring system stating I had a major derogatory account for $111 with RMG, again. I have already spent hundreds of dollars and numerous hours fixing my credit report, making copies of everything, filing two police reports, paying out of pocket for certified mail return receipt requested. The last thing I need while trying to fix my credit is to have MORE fraudulent charges being added to my report, especially when it is plainly stated that I am a VICTIM of IDENTITY THEFT twice over. The last thing I can do is lock my credit report to protect myself and pay for a credit monitoring system, which I already do both things, but if the collection companies and credit bureaus aren’t helping to protect us consumers, I don’t have any idea what to do from here. Social Security won’t issue me a new SSN so I am left to fight these charges alone. I must also state that once my credit score was destroyed (it dropped by 60 points in ONE DAY alone), the credit bureaus made me prove the charges were fraudulent. Once I did, they removed everything that I contested, but DID NOT fix my credit score, leaving me with a POOR credit rating less than 3 months after paying off my third vehicle loan. So now I am left with a locked credit report (which has raised my car insurance and caused problems with renting a home) and a bad credit score that I am meant to fix by myself after it being destroyed at no fault of my own. Pay attention to people’s credit files before fraudulently posting bills, RMG. You are not helping this Identity Theft victim at all. .



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