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Published: 01 January 2019

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Recreational Factory warehouse sold us a dreamaker eclipse spa almost 2 years ago. The first time we changed the water in it we noticed that the bottom of the spa was not level anymore. when we asked them about it they said not to worry when we put water back into it it would flatten back out. It never did. They explained that there was nothing they were going to do anout it we were just SOL. A few months later the directionals on our spa went TU. As this was a warranty part we called them up and told them what we needed. We were told that it was no problem they would order them right away. When 6 weeks went by and we have heard nothing from them I called to find out where my parts were. I was told that they had not even ordered them yet as they needed more info from me. When I asked why I was not called they informed me that they just had not gotten around to it yet!!! I then asked what they needed and was told that the parts manager needed to speak to me and was not there at the time. Again I gave my name and number and waited yet another week. Each day after that for 5 days I called and was told He was not there or unable to talk to me. Finally in july I was able to talk to someone who appeared to know what I was calling about and what was needed and promised he would get my order to the parts manager and again I waited the 3 weekes they told me it would take to get my parts, Now we are into August and still no parts when I called again I was told they were on backorder That they were sory for the inconvience and would get ahold of me when they came in. Now we are into Oct of last year and all I can get from them is that the parts have not come in or they only have 1 or 2 and they cannot find them. The rest of what I needed was still on backorder. At the begining of Nov. I called to find out what the problem was and to inform them I was moving out of state at the end of the month and needed to have my parts before I went. I was assured that they would have them no problem!!! But the same old story held true and of course I did not get my parts before I left, but was assured that when they got them in they would be sent to me. At the end of December we were told that The parts were still unavaible as they have not recieved them from the warehouse. But not to worry as tax time was comming up the warehouse would be trying to get rid of inventory and was usually the tiime when small parts made it to the stores and again was assured that when they came in I would be called. Now we are into Jan 2008 my warranty ends in May, I called to find out again where my parts were and was told they have finally come in but were waiting for me to call again because they had lost my number and address and that they would be mailed out that day. Feb- Called to find out why I have not recieved my parts and was told the salesman had made an error and I needed to talk to the GM please call the next day and speak with him. Next day 2-10-2008 Called the GM and was informed that yes they had my parts but were not going to send them to me without haveing the old parts back first or charging me for them. When I explained to the GM that this has been going on for 8 months now and that I did not trust them to send me the correct parts or even the parts at all after this amount of time had passed and I felt they should send my parts and that I would send the old parts back when I exchange them out. Was told that was not going to happen. So now if I want my parts that are under warranty I will have to pay, and I find that unexceptable. Plus any time we contact Leasure bay or Rec warehouse to resolve this they are Very rude and not willing to work with us at all and this is all WARRANTY. Theresa Bothell, Washington U.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Recreational Factory warehouse.

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