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Published: 29 October 2018

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FORMERLY OPERATED RECRUIT PLAY AS APPLE ATHLETES CORPORATION I have recently filed a police report with both Miami Beach PD as well as the FBI who currently are looking into this. This man has several business names he uses and goes by. In early June, I was contacted by a man on Facebook named William Gregory Hill. He had contacted me regarding my Travel Services. Once he contacted me I noticed him and I had a mutual friend who is a criminal attorney and personal acquaintance through a best friend. I figured that is how he found out about me being a travel agent. Mr. Hill inquired about me booking 3 trips for him and his fiancé. We spoke online and he had me plan the trips. When I asked him to pay for it he became very concerned and he called me, he told me he wanted to make sure I was legit before he paid. He seemed very weary of that. I assured him, and he told me no problem he would contact me back with his American Express card. I did this work and didn’t hear from him. I had to call him several times about paying. It took me a week to get back in touch with him. Finally I told him to call me when he was serious. He then called me quickly, and told me that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to take the trips due to his schedule. He then began asking me more about my travel business. I spoke to him about it. He said it sounded like a good plan to make money and that he thought investing in a travel agency would be a great idea for him. We got to know each other professionally by phone for a few days talking about him investing in a possible travel agency and having me run it. This was our first conversation by phone. Over the course of another week, Mr.Hill and I talked about this possible business venture. He told me he would love to help me make more money. He told me he had a business partner do some research and said that it would cost him a lot of money to start a travel agency but that he was willing to put up the money but it would take some time. He told me he would love to work with me. He then began inquiring about a possible position with his current company, Apple Athletes Corporation. He told me this business he ran since 2003 and had over 300 employees. I confirmed this by going to his website,etc. Everything seemed legit. He said he had an executive opening with his company and that I would be great for the job and it offered a six figure salary. As a single mom I was of course interested and elated. I told him I was for sure interested. Over the next couple days we talked about this and he eventually extended a verbal offer with his company and told me he wanted me to come to Miami where he was based. He gave me an offer letter in writing which I signed along with a w2 and copy of my ID. He told me I would be paid as of the date of the offer letter and that my trip to Miami for orientation would be the following week. He also told me that as an executive of his company I needed to be licensed and insured with liability insurance. He told me this would cost 717 dollars, but not to worry I would make that back in salary on my first paycheck. So I deposited the money to his account at SunTrust under Apple Athletes the next morning with a money order. SunTrust confirmed to me the account was under Apple Athletes. When he learned I deposited a money order he was kind of adamant about how I should have used cash. But he said no problem. He said I would be emailed shortly with proof of my policy and a receipt. It never came. Over the next few days I forgot about the policy and we still spoke and he said he was going to be mailing me company equipment to my home here in Knoxville, business cards, PC, etc. He also said he was going to book my flights to Miami and accommodations. He said he would call me back and told me what my duties for my job would be,etc. After a couple days of him not returning my calls he told me that in order for me to be on his payroll I needed to be a Florida resident, and asked if there was a Florida address I could use for my payroll or w2. I wondered how come he didn’t know this when he offered me the job. I let it go. I used a friend’s address. He said that would be fine. Over the next week I kept asking him when he as booking my flight there and when I would get my equipment in the mail. He said June 20th. When that day came my equipment never came by FedEx like he said. So I called him and he said he was sorry he accidentally put his office address and that his stuff was delivered there. He told me not to worry but that my stuff I could get when I got to Miami. Next couple days he was hard to get in touch with. He kept saying he was in meetings every time I would ask about when he was booking my flights. Eventually I sent him a strongly worded email about being concerned. He called me and said he had a long talk with his staff and they thought I should live in Miami in order to have the job. I told him I was open to that. So he told me that’s what he would do and that he had corporate housing set up for me. He told me that I should start looking for schools in Miami for my daughter,etc. Told me this would change my life. He then also was speaking to me personally. I asked him if he knew Alisia Adamson, our mutual friend on Facebook. He said “oh Alisia is a cool person I was going to use her as my company Lawyer but that he changed his mind because she was in Miami. He told me that they talked on the phone and she told him about her dating life, and sex life,etc” So I really felt he knew Alisha but didn’t want to tell her about that due to awkwardness. He also told me about another girl that he knew who was a mutual acquaintance in Florida. A model. He told me he used to sleep with her and much of her personal business and sex life. Relationship business,etc. He told me she had called him about me. I didn’t ever call her because she wasn’t a close friend. I assumed he really knew her. After waiting to hear from Mr. Hill on a start date and move date he became very hard to reach AGAIN. After demanding an answer from him he then replied and told me he was still processing me and background,etc. I WAS UPSET BECAUSE HE NEVER EVEN GAVE ME A BACKGROUND CONSENT OR RELEASE FORM. ALSO HIS OFFER LETTER DIDN’T SAY IT WAS CONTINGENT ON THAT. HE SAID HE COULD PAY ME AS PROMISED BECAUSE ADP TOLD HIM HE COULDN’T BECAUSE I WASNY FULLY PROCESSED YET OR A FLORIDA RESIDENT. THIS ALL SEEMED LIKE BULLSHIT.HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE HE TOOK MY MONEY FOR INSURANCE OR OFFERED ME THE JOB. I WAS UPSET. I TOLD HIM IF I WASN’T GOING TO BE PAID THAT HE NEEDED TO SEND MY MONEY BACK AND THAT I WOULD GIVE IT BACK TO HIM LATER ONCE I WAS ON PAYROLL AND IN MIAMI. He told me he could not do that and that the policy was issued and he would have to wait until it was cancelled to refund me. I reminded him he never sent me a copy of that policy so I asked him for it again. He said he couldn’t because it was an internal document. Again, bullshit. This is when I began to get angry and demanded my money back and told him it was fishy. He then got VERY defensive and accused me of calling him a scammer. I said I just wanted my money back. Over the next day we exchanged words and he was defensive. He then began bragging to me about all the houses he had and cars and money and how he didn’t have time to steal 717 bucks. He said he knew stuff about me my background and that I had gotten in trouble in the past for driving on a suspended license. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW HE KNEW THIS. HE HAD TO HAVE USED MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. I TOLD HIM HE WASN’T ALLOWED TO DO THAT I NEVER FILLED OUT A FORM HE SAID MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER HE GOT FROM MY W2. I THEN BECAME IRATE. WE EXCHANGED AD WORDS AND HE BEGAN CALLING ME NAMES, USING VULGARITY ETC. ALL THROUGH TEXT. HE KEPT DEFENDING HIMSELF AND HOW HE HAS ALL THESE EMPLOYEES,ETC AND A COMPANY FOR OVER 10 YEARS. I have not been able to find any other employee online from his company. His address is also vague and leaves not much information. There is no office number; he lists his cell phone and a fax. Online he lists his supposed Fiancé as the VP of his company which is the position he was supposedly hiring me for. His address he says is his business address is not even there. It belongs to another company who said he does not have an office there. My mom also texted him and demanded the money. He then called her back and talked to her nicely explaining he had to cancel this insurance policy then the money would be refunded. He said July 1 I would get it back. On July 1 I never saw the money and called him, he told my mom he would have it in her account by end of business close. It never came. He then told my mom he was waiting to hear back from his lawyer before he could send it back. End of the day came and we never saw the money and he stopped responding to my mom’s texts. He also blocked me on Facebook and instagram. After this I texted him harsh words and told him I was going to the police, and his family. He then got nasty and began threatening to ruin my life and my name, said he had naked pictures of me he would post online, etc. Told me I had no case because he had the best Lawyer in Miami money could buy. He called me names and told me he would see me in court but that he doubted anyone would take my case seriously. I then contacted the mutual friend of ours and told her what he had told me about her. Only to learn she never knew him like he claimed he did. She said she and her friend also lost money in a similar situation to a guy claiming to be running a similar business and contacted her on Instagram. He claimed to be helping single and stay at home moms. But she claims he used a different name and business name. XYZ Athletes. She said the money she sent she lost and was never refunded for what she was promised. She feels this is the same guy she was on a conference call with with several other people who sent him money for a business venture. She states she believes he was saying his business was ABC Athletes. Facebook: Will Hill Website: (He has since shut this site down) Full supposed name: William Gregory Hill Other names found out he uses: “Chase” he claimed this is his nickname. Other facts: He keeps his friend list on FB hidden and private so I can see his other friends. On Linked in he supposedly has 500 connections but also keeps them hidden. He always posts photos on Facebook but will remove some of them shortly after he posts them. Online his company info is vague but several corporations come up under Apple Athletes but none are in Florida as he claims his business is. No other employees of his company can be found online. The only other officer listed online is his fiance who he claims her name is Michelle Hill. Her facebook is .

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