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Incompetent staff doesn’t know what’s going on there

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

When I asked my eight-old son about what he wanted to as his birthday present, I was surprised when I heard him say that he wanted to learn martial arts. I did my research about whether it is okay to enrol your kid in a class to learn martial arts and when I found the answer to be yes, I decided to search up for reputed martial arts classes. I saw that there were quite a few of them available nearby. The nearest one was Red Dragon Karate Diamond Bar. I checked out their official website and it seemed to be quite prolific. There were mixed reviews but most of them were positive. I called up the place to ask about the fee structure and routine but I was told that I would need to go to the place to obtain all necessary information regarding the classes.

I took out some time from my schedule and went to the place to know more about the classes. When I went there, I was provided with detailed instructions about the classes held for kids. The fee was quite high but the assurance of the quality teaching made me agree to their request of admitting my child. I paid the admission as well as the fees for the next three months.

I took my son to the place. I saw that there were quite a few children there. I was sure that my son would make friends on the very first day as I was told that the children, as well as the staff members there, were quite friendly. The first class ended after an hour and we came back to our place. When I asked Charles about his first-day experience, he did not say much. I supposed that he was probably too tired after an hour-long first day and decided not to pester him further. The next few classes went off smoothly (or so it seemed). After a few weeks, I saw some changes in my son’s behaviour. He did not play around much, kept to himself and ate less. This worried me and when I asked him about the problem, he did not answer me. There were adverse effects on his academic performance as well. When I talked about this with a staff member, I was told that it was natural behaviour and that it would wear off within a month. This assurance did not do much good for my worries. When I saw Charles crying one day, I asked him what happened and he told me that since day 1, he was bullied by his classmates and when he told this to the instructor, he too did not pay heed. I was so enraged that I went down to the place and yelled at the staff members for not being able to notice anything unusual going on in the class. It was the last day that I ever stepped foot in there. I did not even ask for my money back from the place because I did not want to have even seconds of conversation with anyone associated with that place.

My recommendation is that you keep your child as far away from Red Dragon Karate Diamond Bar as possible.

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