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I was scammed me and my car wasnt repaired at all!

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Published: 30 May 2019

Posted by: Carl

I had contacted Red Hills Automotive for repairing the engine of my Volvo car. I hired these people in summer 2018. I had heard about them online and I was quite certain that they were reliable because 1) they seemed professional 2) they had a strong online reputation. I wasn’t worried that they’ll do anything wrong with my car. I was mistaken. My misconception cost me a lot of money. At first, these people were acting all nice and friendly when I was handing them my car keys. I didn’t know that they are scammers and they had some different intentions with my car. They took my car and told me that they’ll let me know about the repair within 2 weeks.

If you don’t know already, let me tell you that this job shouldn’t have taken any longer than a week. But because they already said 2 weeks, I thought maybe it was supposed to. So I didn’t question anything, I just let them take my car and then waited to hear from them. I really didn’t hear from them for 10 days. Worried about the car, I called them up to find out how everything was going. They told me that they were still working on it and that I’ll need to wait for a few more weeks. I told them that without the car, it was becoming very difficult for me to manage my day to day commute. It was really irritating and tiring to use public commute every day for work. They told me that there were a few parts which they didn’t have at that time. So I waited. When I didn’t hear from them for another week, I called them up again. Whoever picked up my call didn’t even know that I had a car there for repair. He made me wait for 10 minutes and then I was finally connected with someone who knew about my car. When he told me that it’ll take some more time for my car’s repair, I told him that there’s no need to do so. I told him that I’ll come to pick up my car tomorrow and that they can give me a refund then. I had paid them the amount in advance, what a big mistake it was, and so I thought they’d give me a refund because they were clearly incapable of repairing a normal Volvo car. Suddenly, the guy’s tone changed and he got all defensive. He told me that I should be a little patient and that they were doing the best possible job. I told him that I’ll wait for a week more and that’s it. Guess what? Even after a week, I didn’t get a call from those people. I visited that clinic at last and when I did, I saw that my car was in the same condition in which I had left it. When I told them that I’m here to pick it up, they refused at first but finally gave me the keys when I stopped asking for a refund. No need to visit such scammers for your car repairs.

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