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Published: 20 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought a used hyundai off of Red Hoagland in winter haven florida to get bumper to bumper protecton I spent 1700.00 extra, two years later i went to open my drivers side door and the handle was not working so I brought car in to Red Hoagland he said when he opened up the door he noticed the parts where not original parts so to get this fixed I would have to pay myself and they said it would be 400.00. I said no thank you and left. So legally he is right Hyuandai will not cover It so I see no need to argue. I just want everyone to know what they are dealing with when they brag about their bumper to bumper for 10 years. The cable that broke was a Hyundai original cable and everything else was working. They sold me the car and when brought it in to get the cable fixed i was told did you know the car was in a wreak. I said it was not on my title , they told me wreaks do not have to be on your title.How conveient -do not have to tell the coustomer the car was wreaked- but can hold it against them not to fix car that has bumper to bumper. So all being said ,if it is legal and you fill no obligation to fix what is not really yours to fix, then we have a winner red (Hoagland at 6375 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Winter Haven Florida)

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