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Published: 26 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had Axel who worked at Red Lotus Tattoo in Coon Rapids, before being let go, do my tat. I wanted black ink only. My bad for being talked into colors as Axel says he specializes in color and would make it look great. Well, it turned out the opposite of great. I’ve had 7 laser tattoo removal sessions so far, cover my arm with a complression sleeve daily, and am consumed with this horrible tattoo. Blues, greens, reds, flesh colors, all of the hardest colors to laser out. What was rough was that the first session, which was supposed to be the only session, had the tat looking like a dress under my existing skeleton tat. Done, but nothing close to what I wanted. Attached are some pictures of original, and stops along the way of laser sessions. Also, a pic of the type of clouds I had shown Axel that I wanted done. Just posting here as I am pissed off about all the money this is costing, the embarssment, and especially since Axel said he would fix the original nightmare which Mr Scott Farrell of 4 Points Body Gallery of Minneapolis, MN first began this whole fiasco. I’d say Scott was the D bag who started this whole rush to Axel, who just compounded the problem by using color and just poor design. Axel did a Jesus face tat with the clouds, one eye larger than the other, making people ask “who’s that dude?” This whole thing has been a mess. As an athlete and avid weight lifter, this has been immensely embarrasing and it sucks when people arent accountable. I tried texting Axel many times. Finally I left a voicemail at Lotus asking if they do laser removal, right after I got the tat, as Axel is infamous for not responding back to you. I got a voicemail back from manager, Scott I think, at the time, but by that point, I was moving on, spending my first huge chunk of change to start that lasering. Here is what I have spent on this disaster: Laser schedule: renewal laser- 3 session, $200 per= $600 (medium quality.) Beloved laser session-$150= $150 (shitty quality, rude) Tat Removal Shop- 2 sessions=$109 (best quality, stank ass breath) NE Laser-1 session so far= $200 Total as of September 2014= $1059.00 ETC: Tat pain cream= $5 cover up sleeves to wear at work= $14, $13, $13 = $40.00 2 wrkout sleeves $15 x 2= $30 Total ETC: $75.00 S*** Tats Cost: Scott s*** tat: $340.00 Axel tat nightmare: $340.00 S*** Tats total cost: $680.00 Horse s*** nightmare drama grand total: $1814.00. Forgive me Jesus. So, I had to conceive of an idea to fix the color clouds up, which actually looked like water. So, a scroll piece was used to bring the edges of the water, sorry clouds, out further, to take the dress affect, or Christmas tree effect away.

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