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Published: 17 January 2019

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In June, 2012, a business associate asked me to research the Masters Spendthrift Trust which had the potential of protecting personal and business assets, helping my family to pass wealth from generation to generation while avoiding probate, inhertance taxes, and more. As I researched this organization, I became aware that James Blakeman, using the Red River Trust, through a moderator or facilitator Lynn M. Bernal was hosting weekly telephone calls where they presented information about this Spendthrift Trust, its benefits and subsequently sold them via order forms sent to the listening public – upon request. The quality of the Trust was (and still is) iimpressive. I was especially attracted to the ability to legally defer taxation of extraordinary dividends in order to increase the value of the corpus of the Trust. Subsequently, I requested an order form and a ledger number which gave me the opportunity to interact with Lynn M. Bernal and James Blakeman in conference calls. During the conference calls, callers could ask questions. My questions – no, I am not an attorney, but may have the knack of stating questions as if I may be… prompted James Blakeman to ask me directly if I was an attorney. On January 7, 2013 I ordered my Masters Copyright Irrevocable, Complex, Non-Grantor, Discretionary Trust with Spendthrift provisions from Lynn M. Bernal aka Hayseed at (email address removed by admin) for $5,050. Because I did not have the immediate liquidity to pay for my Trust, my order was put on hold and delivered at a later date. Within several weeks of paying for, receiving and executing my Trust, I gave my entire Trust book to an accountability partner of mine to read and digest so that he could be aware of my business dealings. To my surprise, my accountability partner came back and said that he didn’t have a good feeling about this Trust, and that he wouldn’t be using it for any of his business dealings with me or separately in his own family. This prompted us to look further into what wasn’t good. To our shock, there WAS something that was not good! Before I proceed though, my business partners and I started doing due diligence before my accountability partner told me that he couldn’t use this Trust. We asked Bernal and Blakeman for proof of the Copyright filings for this Trust because we needed to validate that it really was a protected piece of intellectual property. Blakeman told me that the owners of the copyright owners are private people, and did not want to be “outed” or brought to light as the owners. Within days, my accountability partner then disclosed that he felt that “something is not right in the state of Denmark!” Coming back to the timeline, the business partner who discovered this Masters Trust found the following complaint against Red River Trust , James Blakeman , Rhonda Blakeman , Resource Management Trust and JimRon Trust. Lynn Bernal is mentioned around paragraphs 24, 25 and 26 of the complaint document. In the complaint, I learned that Blakeman was indeed once contracted to market the Masters Trust, however, according to their contract, payment for copyright rights was never made by Blakeman, any of his organizations or associates to Masters Trust. According to the complaint Blakeman had the right to produce and sell 200 copies of the Masters Trust. Although Bernal – who also received a cease and desist order sold over 11,000 copies of the Masters Trust, our understanding is that no monies were ever paid to the rightful owners of the Copyright. I kept my word to Blakeman and didn’t bother the Copyright owners. What I did was look up Paul Rosen, the plaintifs’ lawyers and asked for a replacement of the 4 stolen copies of the Masters Trust documentation. Rosen was glad to replace the documents and has in the meantime replaced several others that I know of. Arrangements are currently being made by Masters Trust for anyone who has ordered a Masters Trust from Blakeman. If you have paid the entire amount of $5,050, Masters Trust will replace your Trust Terms and Conditions in PDF format free of charge at myMastersTrust. If you have a layaway with Blakeman, Bernal, Red River Trust, etc for either a stolen Masters Trust version OR a new Red River Trust version which Blakeman has changed up and continues to market, please also contact the Masters Trust agent at myMastersTrust. Masters Trust will not charge you a registration fee for your Masters Trust, but only the license fee of $5,000 for the copyright license. .

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