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Their false claims duped my friend! Be careful!

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Published: 06 October 2018

Posted by: Shaun

My friend was totally taken for a ride by these unethical guys claiming to give you the moon but delivering not even a piece of earth. They will give you claims that their own windows will be provided. However, they did not do so with my friend. The windows that are sold by them are basically Regency Plus stuff that is made at Pennsylvania. The Regency factory is the one that is owned by Gary Fanelli. See the website and you will see now Reece Builders & Aluminium is one of their dealers only. My friend was shown this path-breaking (turned out to be totally false) glass named as Magic Glass and these guys made tall claims that the patent to this is only with them and how one else even comes close. This is also a falsehood. They do not have any patents as we found out later (to my friend’s utter shock) and glass is not made by Regency or even Reece themselves (as you must have guessed already). The glass comes from a manufacturer and the label of Magic Glass is put on it. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this glass and you can get it from any window company. This is basically 366 glass with tempering and double thickness.
The worst part is that these guys tried to sell it for a hefty price to my friend. They will give you prices that will hold good for a year and you can get discounts into the Referral Home programme and purchase right away. They also claimed that postcards will be dispatched to all neighbours under a programme. Don’t believe them at all. They tried to fool my friend. Thankfully, another person was wiser and told them to lay off.

In fact, I was doing some digging and found out other horror stories related to these guys. There is this guy who joined as a marketing pro and this company asked him to start getting appointments by getting in touch with clients on a door to door basis across St. Petersburg in Florida for installing windows. They promised good payment to this hapless guy who joined up on a contract basis on the promise of weekly payment. Payments would be made based on appointments made and paid out after checking the same. For a week, this person worked hard to fix appointments and 16 meetings were scheduled, more than how the company informally told him to arrange each week (15). However, without any appreciation or notification whatsoever, the company did not pay this person’s money and the HR person simply talked of a problem with their machines and how it would require another week. In fact, she said that the entire payroll system was down. However, the old employees revealed that nothing of that sort had happened. When asked again, HR talked of another issue and stated that payment would be made after a month.

This person has not got any money instead of wasting his time and energy on this organization. When a company treats its employees like this, it’s no wonder that they try to fool customers into paying them lump sums as well. Another person wrote how the company had a poor installation service with a lot of shouting and screaming, basically an unhealthy atmosphere. These guys tore a patch out from the wall under both windows and then patched with mortar. Now, the affected person will have to get a contractor to finish this patch and paint the same. They only ended up damaging the walls. The windows have not been finished yet in spite of repeated attempts to contact. After reading these terrible stories, I think everyone should boycott such companies who should not even be in business.

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