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They are a group of monsters who might ruin your face too.

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Nolan

I am never going back to Reflections Skin and Laser Center. That place is filled with incompetent professionals. They have no idea of what they’re supposed to do. They think it’s alright to be ignorant but it isn’t, especially when you are working in a medical spa. Those people messed up my face pretty bad. I have multiple scars on my face which weren’t supposed to be there because of these idiots. They ruined my face through their foolishness. They know nothing about laser procedures. The entire staff of that place is mixed up in this. You can’t trust these guys because they don’t even take responsibility for the mistakes they do. They think they can get away with such medical negligence but they can’t. They tried to shut me up too. They threw me out of the clinic when I demanded a refund. They trash talked to me and called me names for simply pointing their error. Those fiends ruined my face, took away my beauty and then called it an accident.

I had a few wrinkles before on my face and I thought I had found the perfect spa to get my face treated. I was preparing for a friend’s wedding. She is my best friend and I was the bridesmaid. I was hoping to look my best because it was an important occasion. But those people don’t care about it all. All they want is money! They don’t care if they botched a procedure. They got the money anyway. And that’s why they don’t even bother to apologize. Who is going to complain against them, huh? No one, because when you complain about them online, they just get it removed and get it hidden under a pile of positive reviews. I am fed up and tired of their bull crap.

When I had visited their clinic to get a procedure done, they were acting all nice and friendly. It seemed to me that they were the right choice. I had done a lot of online research on the right skin treatment providers in the area and their name popped up. I had chosen to get the laser skin resurfacing procedure done to improve my looks and aesthetics of the face. Instead of doing the job properly, they messed up. I felt the laser burning my skin. They had brushed it off at first by saying that the procedure hurts and the pain was normal. But when I took off the bandages, later on, I found multiple scars on my face, which to be frank, hurt a lot, and I was left with them. There wasn’t any improvement in my appearance. There were a bunch of scars on my now-ruined face. And they hurt. They hurt a lot. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror because of them. Don’t make the mistake I made, don’t trust these people and don’t trust their online presence. So beware.

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