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Published: 19 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Reg Degan was fired form Merrill Lynch i 1995 for “”churning fees””. Churning fees is when a person buys and sells stocks just to create commissions. The woman he did this to was named Eve Hatchett who had a medical condition and was not able to think clearly because she had silicone implants that had ruptured thus effecting her thought process. Reg as turned over to the SEC for his wrong doing. Seems all Reg could do was to churn fees. he had a sanction but against his Series & Stock Broker’s License and was dismissed. Reg’s dishonesty does not stop there. Prior to his dismissal from Merrill Lynch, Reg Degan was terminated from Circuit City Electronics for stealing. Reg would put items on he loading dock for pick up and then he would come by and pick it up the item in his SUV and take it home. He lied on his Series 7 testing that he had a theft charge form stealing from Circuit City. After Merrill Lynch, Reg went to work for a company owned by Richard Thomas. Reg conned his widowed mother to invest $250,000 with the company for which Reg LOST the entire investment but he did manage to eake out a scant living of $125,000 for the next two years wheil his mother received nothing for her investment. Reg should never be trusted with your money! NEVER!!!!! As for his excavation company, Dresh Excavating, BE AWARE. He was conducting blasting at the Wolf River Airport just west of Rossville, TN. His blasting was accomplished AFTER 5 PM in the evening which violates state law! He was admonished by the Piperton Fire Department and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department a his blastin went into the eveing hours as late as 9 PM. Even when Reg was issued an order to stop blasting, he continute with complete disregard for his neighbors. As a bi polar person, Reg Degan has pulled a gun on his older brother on two occassion and assaulted a female by the name of Heidi. When Reg attacked Heidi, he slammed her into a door frame at the Wolf Rive Airport and bounced her off a door frame whereby she fell to the ground and hit her head on the concrete, causing a big lump on teh back of her head and a concussion! Heidi was threatened by Mary S. Degan, alleged christian and member of Germantown Baptist Church with retailiation if Heidi filed assault charges against Reg Degan. Heidi, therefore did not file charges. She does, however, live in fear of Reg Degan and has workd on removing herself from being around Reg even though she works for Woody Degan in peace.

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