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Published: 25 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I signed up for binary options broker named regal options but I didn’t deposit money immediately. Their website is They called me and got me to finally put in the minimum $250. Before I deposited the money I asked the representative point blank “if I could withdraw my money at anytime?” The representative said “yes at anytime” and proceeded to tell me how to do it and how easy it was.. Then they said once you put the money in I will give you a $100 bonus to get you started. I said “okay” So I’d have $350 in my account. I asked again can I withdraw my money anytime and they said “yes this is your money you can do whatever you want with it.” I wasn’t wanting to withdraw the $100 bonus but I thought it was wierd that I could withdraw the money anytime even with their money in with mine.. So I got on the site and it was very confusing so I began to send online chats asking the service reps questions about how the software worked.. They have a phone number but if you call it says “you are number one in line and the wait is less than 1 minute” The recording says that for about 10 minutes and eventually hangs up on you.. So anyway, on the chat line, they wouldn’t help explain anything to me and said that if I deposited $500 I would have a personal broker daily to answer all my questions and they’d provide me with investment advice.. I said ok and he added that he would give me another bonus of $150 to ad to my additional $250. Again I confirmed with the representative that I could withdraw my money at absolutely anytime. That representative said “yes remember this is your money”.. I deposited an additional $250 and they added the $150 bonus.. So at that point they asked if a broker could call me and I said sure they could.. Once the broker called, he immediately began to tell me that he noticed that I had $500 in my account but to have his help daily and to maximize my profits it would need to have $5000 in my account. That was the final kicker for me. I realized this was a scam and told him immediately that I wanted to withdraw my money and to close my account. He hung up so I called the phone number they had under the contact us tab on the website. When I called over the course of 3 days, the recording said everytime that “you are number 1 in line and your wait is 1 minute.” Again it said that for about 10 minutes and then it eventually hung up on me each time.. I began to realize that this was even more of a scam than I thought. The 2 regal options reps that told me “I could withdraw my money at anytime,” were lying.. When trying to find out how to close my account, I read under their FAQ that if you take a bonus, you have to bet at least 30x’s the amount of the bonus before you can withdraw any money.. I was thinking Whaaaaaaaat…????? So I immediately within 24hours of signing up wrote to them on the email address they had on the website and told them that I was told by their reps before accepting the bonus money that I could withdraw my money at anytime and that they never mentioned any restrictions on my money. They of course referred me to the small print in the terms and conditions that apparently is somewhere when you sign up.. I told them that I no did no want to gamble on their site and that their $250 bonus is still in tact. I offered to give it back to them, asked them to allow me to withdraw my money and asked if we could both go our separate ways.. Remember this all happened within 24hrs. I signed up on a Friday and asked to withdraw my money and close my account on Saturday. They advertise on their site that they are available 24/7. Of course they refused to take their bonus money back and wouldn’t allow me to withdraw my money either. They continue to reference the small printed terms and conditions that everyone agrees to when they sign up.. I’m sure it was there but I still can’t remember where. My feeling is that these reps know about the bonus restrictions on your money and count on the fact that you likely didn’t see the small print before signing up. They intentionally try to load you up with bonus’ to trap you and keep your money from ever being available to you. It’s very likely that you will never be eligible to withdraw any money before gambling it all away.. I believe a binary broker that is desperate enough to keep your $500 even afer you offer them their bonus back in full, tell them you want to close your account and only ask to withdraw your money that you just put in 24hrs earlier, tells you that they surely are not reputable.. Before coming to the Ripp Off Report, I basically begged them to take back their bonus in full, allow me to withdraw my money and close my account. They still refused. I forgot to mention that the broker I talked to, offered me a $2000 bonus if I would have agreed to deposit $5000.. Buyer Beware Before sigining up to Gamble Binary Options with regal options.. In my Opininion they are a True Rip Off.. .

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