Reilley Dabbs

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Reilley Dabbs got after my friends husband

Reilley is a desperate woman who runs behind men to have sexual pleasure or other benefits. She was after my friend’s husband for a really long time. She used to live in NYC with a hub of people at a shabby place. She took that man to the same filthy place to sleep with him. She had been taking so many men to that disgusting place since long.

This woman works as a TV producer at Bloomberg LLP in NYC and comes across as a decent chic. The only thing you wouldn’t know is that she really has a weakness for men who are committed. She is a ‘very easy to get’ kind of a woman and gets aggressive at times. She chased and pursued my friends husband like her life was dependent on it. She texted, called a zillion times, and begged for him to be with her. I don’t understand how on earth women do not have any self worth and run for someone who’s not even exclusive for them.

Stay away from this woman and do not let your man to be around her. She will lure your boyfriend or husband and push him into sleeping with her

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