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Published: 28 April 2019

Posted by: Harry K. Miller

These people don’t have any idea of the procedures they are doing on their patients. They caused some serious damage to my mother who had taken one of their ‘hormonal therapies’. We had to take her to the emergency ward. These people are scums of the earth and their license should be revoked. The entire staff should be punished for the malpractice because they are letting their boss do these devious deeds. My mother went through a lot of physical pain and difficulty because of the negligence of these doctors.

The doctors in the emergency later informed me and my family that she was suffering from the side effects of some ‘unapproved hormone medication’. They were able to say so because of the reports but it really shocked me. Rejuvime tends to be a patient-first and professional institute. I never thought they were low-minded, money-hoggers who are using unlicensed and unapproved medications to get the results. They have zero knowledge of this field. And if they do, they are misusing it. I could have lost my mother because of these people. She still hasn’t recovered totally. Her body is in a lot of physical stress and she is still under the trauma of that drastic experience. These people are totally negligent. These are medical fraudsters who don’t belong here. They should be thrown in jail. I don’t know how many lives they must have ruined through their use of unlicensed hormonal medicine. When I had contacted them regarding my mother’s condition, they didn’t take it seriously. They started putting the blame on my mother. They didn’t accept their mistake. According to those scumbags, it was my mother’s fault and she must have taken some other medication which she was not allowed to do so. Well, that’s all just a load of BS because my mother didn’t do anything like that. She was simply going through this hormonal therapy and because of the negligence of these stupid doctors, she was sent into the emergency ward. It’s clear that I’ll never contact these people again. They are medical criminals and scammers who I think are, using medications without the consent of the patients. I just wish my mom makes it through all of this. And if she doesn’t then I don’t know what I’ll do. If it wasn’t for these guys she would have been healthy and active. Now she is facing different physical ailments and is relying on different medications for her recovery.

If you were thinking of availing the service of Rejuvime, then heed my advice. These people are criminals and they won’t hesitate to ruin the life of your loved one too. My mom was lucky that she survived. In fact, the doctor had said that if she had taken their medications for a day or two more, then we might have lost her. My request is, please keep your distance from these guys. The entire staff of Rejuvime is full of selfish scumbags who only care about filling their own pockets.

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