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Published: 23 June 2018

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When searching for a moving company to pick up our furniture from our rental apartment and move them back to our house we used to service at to get quotes from different services in the area. One of the companies we talked with was Relocation Solution, which at the time seemed like a good solution. The person we spoke with on the phone was nice and they had a very competitive price compared to the other companies we talked with. However… this soon turned into one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a business in my lifetime! My Experience with Relocation Solution While this job was original planned and quoted to take only a few hours, I would end up getting nickeled and dimed for various charges in addition to paying for the transportation of the drivers and their vehicle all the way back to their headquarters which was nearly two hours away. In addition to these troubles, there is a whole list of reasons why you should never use or waste your time getting a quote from Relocation Solution in Fair Lawn, NJ. Moving Truck Arrives Over an Hour Late The fun started off when we were told that the Relocation Solution movers would arrive at a specific time, yet they showed up over an hour late. I was also thrilled to see that they left a bunch of packing tape and garbage at our original location as well. Nickled and Dimed to Death Once the moving team did arrive I was faced with a ton of documents to sign, which included costs for tape, blankets and moving any additional items in the house. Rediculous fees for moving simple items like small boxes and tvs when the truck was only portionally filled. Movers Stopping for a Break on the Way to House If you think getting nickled and dimed to death by a company is nothing new, how about having the moving team stop at a rest stop for 20+ minutes on the way back to your house. I know it took this long becuase I followed behind them through the whole process. When paying movers on an hourly basis, this is just a huge slap in the face and getting screwed over once again. Movers Yelling Right in My Face To make matters even worse, once the Relocation Solution movers arrived back at the house they wanted to go over all of the documents and pricing again. Instead of talking professionally and going over everything, the Relocation Solution mover got in our faces, started yelling and was calling us stupid. My Contact Kept Delivering Dead Promises One of the biggest problems with Relocation Solution movers is the contact that I had to work with on the phone. When I initially called to setup my moving with this company, the person from Relocation Solution said I would have the movers on a time basis and never said anything about having to pay the drivers for the transportation time back to headquarters AFTER they left our house. In addition to all of the other incorrect information that was provided by the Relocation Solution sales rep, I continued to call them through out the day to keep them updated on how horrible the experience was. They said if it was up to them they would remove the upcharges and work with me, but it had to be discussed with the Relocation Solution manager. I was then told the manager would call me back within the next 30 minutes. Relocation Solution Manager Never Called Back Guess who never called? Of course, I never heard from anyone at Relocation Solution again. I would expect no less from this horrible moving company that offers no support or care for their customers and are only in this business to make money and move on to the next customer while leaving a wave on unhappy customers in their wake. Stay Away From Relocation Solution The bottom line is that if you are ever looking for a reliable moving company, you need to stay away from Relocation Solution in NJ as far as you can. You will get no support from them and will only recieve broken promises and possibly a horrible experience like I have laid out for you above.

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