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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I used to work for RelyMedia about six months back and now I am in a way better company. That place makes me sick and I could not work there anymore. The work relations are so messed up. The work environment there will never let you grow. It’s a place where everyone is trying to destroy each other’s career and lives. The competition is insane, and I could not deal with it. So, I had to leave. Basically, there is another girl there who is just so annoying. I won’t be taking names, but she just wanted very project that I was going to do. And if even after her manipulations I did get that project, she would create all kinds of problems for me. So that I am not able to complete the project or that it is not up to the mark. And the breaking point for me was when she got the boss on her side too. The boss for some reasons believed her and blamed me too for a situation I was not responsible for. And actually, she was the one who was entrusted with the responsibility. And she messed up and very conveniently she put the blame on me. The boss believed her and blamed me … the innocent me for something I didn’t do. I never intended to hurt her, but she always just wanted to destroy my life. I never wished bad for her but that is what she wanted for me always. I felt it from the first day there. She seemed jealous even though I didn’t do anything to her ever. I never deserved the treatment I got over there and that is why I decided to leave as I could not take it anymore. I just had to leave that place.

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