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Published: 18 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

When I tell this story most tenants will believe we leased this house through “Craigslist” – No Celica Cardenas at Remax Grand Katy. My roommate and I are older ladies who both suffer from medical conditions with a small child living in the home. We both were seeking no home ownership responsibility because of our ages and health conditions. When we toured the home, we were told the previous tenant who leased the property through Remax Grand had left and stole the smoke alarms and the landlord had not had an opportunity to clean. Trusting Cecilia Cardenas from Remax’s word, the landlord would clean, paint, install smoke alarms, pest treatment prior to our move in. In fact, during our moving period, we made several calls to Ms. Cardenas who assured us- not to worry. We agreed to pay $1975 a month and put up our deposit of $2000 deposit. After we had all the utilities changed and scheduled our move, Celica Cardenas from Remax Grand called at the last minute requiring an additional $500 deposit per the landlord. Having already made all the arrangements to move, we agreed. We had 3 – 55 foot moving trucks deliver our belongings. I can’t tell you how upset we were when we arrived to discover – the house was filthy – you could see the wires hanging from the ceiling were the smoke alarms belonged – It would have been impossible for her to have missed it. There were holes in the walls everywhere – later we found out a dog had chewed and peed everywhere. The AC unit and water heater were inoperable – that’s was just the start of our nightmare. Trying to be understanding and keep peace with our new landlord, we waited patiently for things to repair with no success. He blamed Celicia Cardenas for everything explaining she didn’t tell me about the condition and repairs. She m misrepresented the condition of the house or she was supposed to take care of it. We tried to remain understand that the landlord was a victim of an incompetent greed self-serving realtor. He told us she never explained his duties as landlord. For two weeks, we cleaned and begged our new landlord to fix things with no success. We even at our own expense had the property inspected to provide proof of all the items wrong with the home – dog chewed on baseboards, the unsanitary conditions, the water heater, the AC units, the faulty wiring and rat holes mold in the air ducts with spider infestation- they didn’t even change the locks per the lease between tenants. The house had never been treated for spiders for over 10 years. Fortunately, when the water heater blew up in Jan. we had the financial means to buy a new one. We’re the tenants not the owner but desperate. We spent 3 weeks without AC – We sent emails, text messages, sued him in court. Two weeks after we moved into the home, there was a knock on our door – it was the landlord’s Mortgage Company with a letter stating he had not paid the mortgage for over 5 months. The house was scheduled for foreclosure. Our lease clearly states which Celica Cardenas signed s- she has no knowledge of any pending foreclosures. That’s impossible – she not only leased the house to our family but she listed the property for the last several years. In fact, she was fully aware this landlord was bad news but continued to work with him. We found the previous tenant – Remax Grand represented both parties. He had to flee the home – Forced to live in substandard conditions for 1 year at $1900 a month. When we contacted her broker Michael and Richard, they were both rude and threaten to sue us for attorney fees if we filed against Remax. They could have cared less. So watch out – DO NOT USE REMAX GRAND AND DON’T USE CELICA CARDENAS – oh yeah – still no smoke alarms – WAITING EVERYDAY FOR THE HOUSE TO BE FORECLOSED UPON!! I wonder if we can move the water heater – be sure and check out Remax’s BBB rating of only B+ – I don’t’ think we’re the only ones.



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