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Published: 24 January 2019

Posted by: former students & employees

08/03/2010 Lets see which deptment will be next. Brooks just wrip out the addmission deptment. Within 2 weeks 5 people have left. 1 rep (african amercian light skin) quit b/c of the crazy hours. Than the director (asian) also quit. Couple days later 1 rep (asian) got fired. Another rep (asian) end up taking a personal leave (wonder why? what can the reason be or should I say who can it be ????). Anotehr rep (african american/hispanic/white) end up quiting. The reps either got fire or quit b/c of the craziness thats goes on. Whos going to enroll the students now. All the good employees are gone. Hiring couple non african american people does not solve the working ethic of discrimnation, when 85% the employees are african american. Brooks will run this school out of business. How is her online bought, unrecoginize college degree qualfified her being a campus president, when Remington does not accept online high school dipolma. Not only employees hates Brooks, so does the students. Was this review helpful? 00 Report Abuse | Subscribe to anonymous”s reviews Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by The Truth 07/23/2010 Something really must be done and we all need to stand togherther as they continue to take advantage of the employees and the students. Brooks and Nall will continue if we all keep quiet because corprate does not care as long as they”re getting paid! They are only concerned about getting the financial aid money from the students with this ridiculous tuition.They are passing students who don”t even come to class or do any work so that they still get financial aid. And will fire teachers who gives the students a F! The students can go to a university and pay less than coming here! This school is truly a rip off!!! Everyone need to write to the addresses today so that an investigation can be done!!! Call and write today!! We can contact the Investigation Department: US Department of Education 400 Maryland Ave SW Washington, DC 20202 And, the accrediting agency: Michale McComis, Exec. Director 2102 Wilson Blvd. Suite 302 Arlington, VA [protected] Fax [protected] Email: [protected] Was this review helpful? 00 Report Abuse | Subscribe to The Truth”s reviews Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by anonymous 07/22/2010 Corporate doesnt care who Brooks fires and hires. Why? bc Brooks have back up from Dr. Nall. She loves to fire people b/c she gets to feel powerful. She gets the thrill out of it. This company has so much high turn overs, that no one can keep cant anymore. Every week someone either gets fire or quit. She likes to fire people b/c there not african american, been with the company too long time (meaning she doesnt want anyone to be able to retire or have senority there), or looks better than her. One employee that was there for a year, quit b/c she couldnt stand her attitude and working crazy long hours. Another brand new employee that was african amercian only lasted a week bc she couldnt handle Brooks job duties. Another employee just quit b/c Brooks does not believe that employees are allow to spend time with family. She wants her employees to work everyday. A long term loyaty business dept. chair just got fire and replace by another african amercian. Students needs to report to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. Employees needs to report to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commisssion, [protected] or email [protected] . We all need to stand together and report on Brooks, since corporate is so scared to do anythign to her. Was this review helpful? 00 Report Abuse | Subscribe to anonymous”s reviews Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by anonymous 07/21/2010 Brooks just hire 2 more African American. One is so ghetto fabolous with his hair due. This company doesnt believe in diversity. All Brooks does is hire her own people. How many non African American people has she hired since she became a campus president??????????? Good Luck to all the non African American people are left. Lets see how long you will last there Was this review helpful? 00 Report Abuse | Subscribe to anonymous”s reviews Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by nobody 07/19/2010 I”m a student here…do not go here, it”s a waist of money!!! I”m in the cosmetology school. They have no white teachers here, and they just fired Mrs. Gill which she was white, and they also fired Amber which was the receptionist, and she was white to. Mrs. Gill was replaced with a black person. If you are white, do not come here you will just learn black hair and no white hair. Waist of money at Remington. Oh, and when you get into your 9th month, they don”t even have a class room for your last 4 months at the school. You will not learn anything here. Was this review helpful? 00 Report Abuse | Subscribe to nobody”s reviews Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by anonymous 07/15/2010 The reason why Brooks havent got fire becuz corp. is SCARED of her. WHY? Dr. Nall is the regionol and a investor for remington. Brooks and Nall have something going on. If Brooks get fired she will file a law suit on remington on Dr.Nall. Corporate ias scared of that will happen. Do u think a administation assistant is qualifed to become a campus president. HELL NO! Everyone will be fire except her and her cousin. Was this review helpful? 10 Report Abuse | Subscribe to anonymous”s reviews Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 3 out of 5 stars by Dre 07/13/2010 FIRST OF ALL, LET ME SAY THAT I LOVE MY INSTRUCTORS AND MY CLASSMATES. AS FOR THE SCHOOL ITSELF, I THINK IT COULD BE ALOT BETTER. THE INSTRUCTORS ARE EXCELLENT AND VERY EASY TO WORK WITH AND LEARN FROM. MRS. BROOKS IS A PAIN IN THE ###, SHE DON”T CARE ABOUT NOBODY BUT HERSELF. MRS. BROOKS IS VERY RUDE, MEAN AND HATEFUL TOWARDS HER COWORKERS AND THE STUDENT BODY. WHENEVER ANYONE OF US STUDENT TRY TO TALK TO HER, SHE BLOWS US OFF. SHE ONLY ACTS LIKE SHE CARES WHEN SHE IS IN FRONT OF OTHERS. TWO WEEKS AGO WE HAD A MEETING AND STUDENTS WERE HELD PAST OUR LUNCH TIME BECAUSE SHE WAS VERY LATE. THEN IT WAS DURING THE HURRICANE AND STUDENTS NEEDED TO LEAVE, AND SHE HELD US HERE BECAUSE SHE DIDN”T FEEL LIKE IT WAS AN EMERGENCY TO LEAVE. ALSO SHE WOULDN”T LET US LEAVE BECAUSE HER DAUGHTER WAS GETTING HER HAIR DONE IN THE SALON. SHE WASN”T THE LEAST BIT CONCERNED FOR OUR SAFETY. LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW, I HAD TO WALK IN KNEE HIGH WATER GOING HOME. SHE DOESN”T UNDERSTAND THAT SOME OF HER STUDENTS BE HAVING SERIOUS THINGS GOING ON WITH THEM AND SHE DOESN”T EVEN CARE ENOUGH TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE OK. EVEN WHEN WE TRY TO MAKE UP OUR HOURS THAT WE MISSED, SHE BLOWS US OFF, THEN THEY ARE CHARGING US A ARM AND A LEG TO CONTINUE GOING TO SCHOOL IF WE FAIL A MOD. WHAT WE ALL WANNA KNOW IS, WHERE THE HELL IS THE MONEY GOING? WE NEED BETTER UNIFORMS CAUSE THE ONES THEY GIVE US ARE SO CHEAP AND THEY GET MESSED UP EASILY. THEY ALSO NEED TO GET RID OF ALL THE OLD TOWELS WE USE CAUSE PEOPLE BE GETTING SICK USING THOSE OLD TOWELS NOMATTER HOW MANY TIME THEY GET WASHED. I”M TELLING MY BROTHER TO NOT COME HERE CAUSE IT”S NOT WORTH IT AT ALL. THIS SCHOOL IS VERY SCREWED UP. BACK TO MRS. BROOKS, SHE FIRED OUR CHAIRMAN, MRS. BETTY GILL AND THEN OUR SECRETARY AMBER AS WELL. SO SINCE THEY”RE GONE, OUR HOURS ARE BEING JACKED UP CAUSE NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO CALCULATE THE HOURS UP AT ALL. SO MRS. BROOKS IS GONNA LOOK REALLY BAD WHEN HALF HER STUDENT WALK OUT ON HER. SHE IS A BAD CAMPUS PRESIDENT AND I THINK WE DESERVE BETTER. IT IS NOT FARE TO US THAT SHE TREAT US WITH SUCH DISRESPECT. IT IS SO DEPRESSING TO SEE HOW SHE TREATS THE YOUNG LADIES THAT STYLE HER HAIR. SHE LIKE TO FUSS AND COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING. WE SHOULDN”T HAVE TO BE AFRAID EVERYTIME SHE WALKS ON THE CAMPUS. YOU CAN”T TURN REMINGTON INTO A CLUB. I”M AN AFRICAN AMERICAN AND I AGREE THAT SHE NEEDS TO STOP WITH THE RACISM. WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT AND I THINK THE REST OF THE STUDENTS WILL AGREE. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND NOBODY TO COME HERE ANYMORE. MRS BROOKS NEEDS TO TAKE A HIKE!!! Was this review helpful? 00 Report Abuse | Subscribe to Dre”s reviews Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by Anonymous 07/13/2010 Frankly I went to this school to start a new, all I have found was lies. I”ve been to Houston Community College and its alot better than this. The teachers are powerless over the changes the heads make, it is all about making money to remington college, the cosmetology department is the only school I know that has to make a 125 hours a month in order to pass. The kit that you get does not last especially if you”re like me and ride the bus. The Drop out rate is about one half of the students. You have to wear a uniform which is rediculous considering the fact that you have to stay there for 6, sometimes 8 hours if you have to make up a holiday. Most of the staff is caring and understanding but other than that this is a horrible college. You cant trade you credits, you wont get your money back and most of all they set you up for failure so that they can get more of your money. Dont go here, if you do you”ll probably end up sorry that you did. Was this review helpful? 00 Report Abuse | Subscribe to Anonymous”s reviews Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by anonymous 07/12/2010 Remington College Houston-West Campus. I”m afraid I have wasted $24, 000 for nothing!!! In the beginning I went for a tour… the kit seemed awesome.. the state of the art salon seemed awesome…I was told I would be taught esthetics (facials), the purpose of me starting the course…EVERYTHING was a front to get me in!! I”m afraid that I am wasting MONEY AND TIME!!.. Not learning much because rules change alot and the instructors have to stop class to handle issues that Do Not pertain to our education. I am very disappointed and feel at a lost. I will NOT Recommend no one to come here. A matter of fact..feel the need to warn those who try to attend!! So I”m writing on this review because bringing issues up L. Brooks will be unnoticed!…I have tried!!..I”ve got a Promised Change and NO Change!! Was this review helpful? 10 Report Abuse | Subscribe to anonymous”s reviews Comments (1) Anonymous – 07/15/10 This is ridiculous. A complete utter chaos. What a waste of our education system!! Is this not America people!…Instead of beauty this is the beast!!! Comment on Review Post CommentCancel User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by anonymous 07/08/2010 Remington College Houston- West campus is the worst place to work for. I would never recommend anyone to this College. It”s a shame the campus is beautiful but the Campus President is such a [censored]. (Lashundia Brooks). She does not know how to treat and appreciate the employees. She is very unprofessional and have no compassion for employees. You will be discriminated on you skin color, if you are not African American. Where do i begin to tell you, she fired all other race and replaced them all with African American employees. She does not give anyone a second chance except her own people/relative. No one is allow to make mistake, it does not matter it”s minor or major. She fired everyone left and right. There is no motivation left for employees to work hard for. Nothing is good enough for her. She like to intimidate employees. She will look at you up and down. If you are not African American you will not last long. African American employees make mistake she let it slide by, but if it”s some other race then it”s done “You Are Fired”. It”s so embarrassing when students are saying this is Ghetto school look at most of the managers/empoyees are African American. I don”t know what the company see in Brooks to allow her to run the College. She is not qualified to be the Campus President. She”s not only mean and rude to the employees, she is also like that with the students. Students are suppose to come first. I do not know why corporate office is so scared of her. She will ruin this company pretty soon…Best of luck to some of the good employees left…not many left…soon will be none…

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