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Published: 17 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently moved out of a residence where Rena Morris was the landlord and owner (Landlord because she wants one hundred percent control of the properties she owns, owner because who knows why someone like her is entitled to own land in this country). This woman is a poor excuse of a landlord; she is selfish and full of greed. I have no idea how she can sleep at night; knowingly that she takes advantage of her tenants. She’ll collect every penny because she wants to. I was so disappointed I allowed this woman to be my landlord, but just like in life I’ve moved on; I just hope this report helps others not to make the same mistake I made. If you ever encounter Rena Morris Prudential, either during a real estate transaction, or renting from her – I’d say run for your dear life!!! When I moved in one of her units I was a terrific tenant. I paid my rent on time for the entire year plus I was there. I had heard complaint about Rena from other tenants, but since I had never experienced any problems with her (Maybe because I never had to bother her for anything) I overlooked what everyone said about her. But suddenly it all began with a plumbing issue. My bathroom and kitchen sink were clogged, and I immediately called her to report the problem. She sent a plumber the next day and the problem was solved. The plumber stated to me the pipes were old and sometimes they get clogged. So I simply said, “Thank you.” But to my shock Rena called me the next day and stated the plumbing issue was caused by me clogging my tub with long hair and that I needed to pay her every cent she had paid the plumber. I could not believe what I was hearing. I even spoke to the other tenants in the building and was told that I was dealing with the “B**** from hell!” Because I refused to pay for the plumbing, she increased my rent due to “Renovations” according to her (Although the apartments were renovated by her previous handyman/tenant). But she loved to take credit for it. I found myself unhappy living there, I encountered so many problems; too many to list. Also, get a load of this; this woman would rent out her garages to people from the street for $200 a month on all properties she owned. These weren’t even tenants living on the premises! So as you could imagine these people would party and drink every day near these garages until late hours of the night, I could not sleep with so much noise. And from speaking to the other tenants, they were unhappy as well. I personally called her many times but she never fixed this situation. All she cared about was the money. It reminds me of when I first moved in she informed I that I would get a garage, but once I moved in she wanted an additional $200 for half of the garage. So she decided to get the money from elsewhere. Bottom-line I could not wait for my lease to be over so I could get the hell out of there! Lastly, to make matters worse, before I moved out I cleaned the apartment for two days and had two of my friends help me. Since I knew I was dealing with a greedy woman and did not want to give her any reason to keep my deposit. I sent her photos of the place via email so she could see how immaculate and spotless the unit was. But of course, a few weeks later she sends me this outrageous bill stating she paid $1000 plus to clean the apartment and was going to keep my deposit. I was so angry and to be honest I was so sick of this situation that I decided to move on and not fight her in court. I believe in a higher power and that’s that. I have so much more to say, but as of now I want everyone to know that I am extremely happy with my new place. I have a terrific landlord that really appreciates his tenants. Maybe this nightmare with Rena Morris was a reminder not to take for granted and be appreciative great landlords. Thank you. Arlene .

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