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Published: 14 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On Feburary 18 2015 I order there prouduct free trail to pay shipping one was $4.95 one was $5.95 I read there whole advertisement nothing about what there terms where!!! when I got the prouduct there was two plastic cards in my box both the same no terms on March 10 2015 my Bank account was charged $94.57 they had charged me for the free bottles and they had charged me again for the shipping that I paid when I orderd it my Bank called and notify me that there was fraud action on my account I called them at this point and told them all I ordered from them was there free sample but they said if u didn"t cancel in 13 days that u would be charged!!!! told them never seen anything about any terms!! told them to cancel anything that I didn’t want there prouduct then on April 4 2015 they charged my account again &94.57 at this point i cancled my card called them back that i had cancled anything from them in March they said they were sorry!! u have to go to another site to read there terms and where to sent it back i box up everething that i got from them!! $11.80 for mailing I am going to persue a refund from this pure fraud company! I’m a senior citizen and my Income is so low!! that i have free legal service

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