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They are a total failure in the name of hygiene and behavior.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Since too many years passed by and I was still unemployed, I was very much heartbroken and was full of depressions and also had anxiety attacks at the time. My blood pressure was also high and did not help out over the upcoming years. After all the ups and downs in my roller-coaster ride type ride, I decided to learn something calm and peaceful and also to keep myself fit. After taking suggestions from a few of my friends I decided to learn martial arts. It attracted me because it was only one of the purest sport with the best moves and it also helps to stay in peace because it also includes meditation. I did research online and found out Renzo Gracie Academy to be the best for my needs.
I took myself up to the Renzo Gracie Academy the very next day to get myself registered. I was quickly enrolled in the center. There were two options for payment, one was monthly and the other was quarterly. I chose the premium pack including a trainer and a kit for my lesson. The introduction day went very well and all the instructors shared their view regarding the significance of martial arts in our day to day life. Since the arena was very big I requested my trainer to give me a short tour inside the campus. He denied and told me we would do the same the next day because he was running late already. It was ok and understandable. Each student was called upon the stage and made to introduce themselves. It was a good day until I realized that my upcoming journey would be the worst. As soon as I entered the place on the very next day I found out that my classroom was stinking most of the time. It made the surrounding very unpleasant and unhygienic. I then took a glance at the locker room, I had no idea it would be so dirty. Every lock was occupied by other pupils and I had to keep my stuff down on the ground. All my positivity was drained away by the look at the inner space of Renzo Gracie Academy.
Nevertheless, I attended the class for a few days, but the instructor turned out to be horrible. He never missed a chance to make a joke of me. Once, I was called upon the stage to fight with my trainer because he wanted me to be an example for everyone around. I happily went thinking I won’t be hurt by any of his actions. My belief was proved wrong when he suddenly advanced towards me picked me up and threw me in the mat. My back hurt so much that I wasn’t able to attend the class for the next few days. Instead of apologizing he humiliated me in front of the other pupils and called me a ‘douchebag’ and also mocked me by saying that I will always be a loser. I couldn’t bear any of this anymore, therefore, I had to cancel my subscription. Make it a point that you never get yourself admitted to the Renzo Gracie Academy.

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