Reproductive Science Center

Do not waste your time here.

I started my fertility journey here with Reproductive Science Center. They seemed nice enough initially. However, I felt an intense push towards IVF, even after the initial consultations when they hadn’t had any prior knowledge of my conditions.

I wanted to know what the cause of my infertility was. So they started running some diagnostic tests, blood tests, husband\’s semen analysis, they covered all the bases, one of the tests was even an HSG. I went in for my procedure and as I was laying on the table. The doctor tried to sexually harass me. Looking at me vagina, he glared with an uncanny smile. He made cheap comments like he had never seen such a good vagina in years. He started touching my vagina in a very uncomfortable fashion which made me nervous and anxious. He caressed my vagina and glared at it for a long time. I was scared so I could not say anything. But I was in extreme discomfort from inside. They did not even let my husband enter and now I realized why.
He quickly rushed to the conclusion that I missed period because my uterus sheddings were stuck inside and it did not have a path to flow. His rushing me to a surgery, jumping to conclusions so quickly and his lack of concern did not feel right in my gut, and thank God for my intuition.
I immediately scheduled a visit to another fertility clinic, who reviewed everything and I explained to them my experience at the Reproductive Science Center and they assured me that the situation was very rare and one in few thousand. They were able to do a successful HSG and help me to successfully get pregnant without IVF!

Reproductive Science Center is a total fraud overrun by sexual predators and money mongers.


  1. A very uncomfortable person because of an unprofessional doctor July 19, 2019
  2. A very uncomfortable person because of an unprofessional doctor July 19, 2019

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