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Published: 27 April 2019

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The deal sounded good and I could afford it, but after an hour and them adding new charges to be billed at the time of the cruise and telling me to get a pen and paper to write down information after I had given and confirmed my e-mail several times. I gave them 30 seconds to wrap up the call or I was canceling the transaction and hanging up. How did they use their 30 seconds? They told me to get that pen and paper. Seriously?? I’m pissed, I’m tired, I’m done, I’m cooked and I tell you this and you’re still going to TELL me to get a pen and paper? Cancel the transaction and good-bye. I check my credit card later and there is a pending charge. Call my bank in the morning…. did I happen to mention I LOVE USAA? We begin the process, first by calling this company in a three-way conversation where they know my bank is on the line and they are R U D E! my bank asks for the approval code to cancel the transaction, we have to call a different number, more rudeness, and are told no one has access to these codes and because I didn’t finish the validation process that the charges will just drop off on Sunday. Ok… I want my money released NOW not Sunday, they’re rude and steadfast. The USAA rep fully documents the conversation and tells me to check and call on Monday. Well…. guess what? The charges didn’t drop off. I call and ask to speak to a supervisor… I can’t. I have to talk to another department and there are no notes on my file showing that I had called on Thursday asking to have the funds returned and I’m transferred and the call drops. I call USAA and they’re handling it. .

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