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They made my life a living hell and that too for no reason!!

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Lizabeth

I contacted Restoration North McCall because a water pipe broke in my house. The whole place was slowly getting flooded with water, it was difficult to walk without getting your feet wet. The guys from the company came, and they made me sign their emergency work contract. We emailed the owner of Restoration North McCall with the insurance details because I did not want to pay for this through cash. I did not get any reply from him so I called the office and told them to do the same. However, they refused to state that the work would take a lot of time and the amount of work required is too much. So a week later, I terminated the contract with the company. Things were going smooth and there were no issues. I got an invoice from the company for something known as “content manipulation” and it was of a whopping $16,980.00. I received this invoice a month after the incident and until now, the insurance company has paid them more than 10 grand. The total amount left to be paid is not more than $7,000 from which $3,500 is of just overhead contractor’s fee. I told the company about the mismanaged invoice and they just told me that I would have to pay the full amount, otherwise, they will send my case to collections. I told them that my insurance company has paid them 10 thousand dollars, however, North McCall was saying that the money sent by the insurance company has been “managed” and I will have to pay them the full amount of $16,980.00. I paid them the amount that I owed them, but I didn’t pay the 10 grand that my insurance company paid. A week later, I started receiving calls from the collections agency and they were threatening me! I was really shocked when this happened because I had already paid them the money they requested and it was just absurd that they sent my case to the collection company. I received an email from them, which stated that I owe them $16,980.00. WHAT THE FUCK!? After paying them 7 thousand dollars in cash and 10 thousand dollars through the insurance agency, they were extorting me for the WHOLE FUCKING INVOICE. I have decided that I am going to hire a lawyer and see these motherfuckers in the court. They have harassed me and my family for NOTHING. I have the transaction receipts to prove that I paid them the money. This company is a total fraud, and they do nothing but steal money from people by scaring them. Run away as far as you can from North McCall, this is a very dangerous company. I would advise you to please stay away from North McCall and make your friends aware of this scamming organization as well.

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