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Published: 17 June 2018

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I was shown a rental property that was available for rent by one of Result’s agents. He was friendly and seemed eager to help me to get into a place. We spoke directly about my needs and situation causing an urgency to get through the approval process. Prior to applying, I asked that same agent what was required by the company or owner of the home as qualifying points as to not waste time or money in applying. He told me the income requirements, rental history requirements and that there was a credit requirement of 550 or better. I knew everything would be an easy approval but to make sure, I pulled my own credit prior to applying just to be certain that there would not be any issues. My personal credit score at the time was 595 (a pull from all 3 agencies). I knew I’d had some issues, but not as bad as a 550 or lower. Feeling good about my seemingly approval, I applied and wrote a letter reiterating the urgency of processing. To my surprise, I was called a couple days later and told that I did not make the credit requirements. I asked why not and was told that my score was below what was required. I then asked for a copy of the report that was pulled for confirmation of accuracy and I even submitted to that same agent a copy of the report that I’d pulled the same day that they supposedly pulled it. I was told that I could not be given a copy nor would they tell me what my score was that they had allegedly pulled. Never-the-less, I still needed a place (hence the urgency at hand) and attempted to make some contacts with management there for other options, but I was not ever given the courtesy of a return call after our initial conversation regarding the situation. No answers were ever granted and I was simply charged the $40 application fee for nothing! I didn’t even think that they’d pulled my credit to begin with and still don’t have proof of it to date. I just know that I was denied and not even provided written confirmation as to why. Inadvertently, I applied for another rental home that next week and was immediately granted an approval under even harsher credit restrictions/requirements. As a current Quality Control Auditor for a Mortgage Company, I know the rights of the consumer under various credit protection acts. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that furnishers provide credit scores, free of charge to persons applying for credit or approval if the credit score was used to make a determination in approval or denial of application. I simply was told that I was denied and then denied to even get the score that they allegedly pulled for me. How do I know that they really pulled my credit? I was not given the opportunity to see if something that was considered was fraud or incorrect reporting. It was as if the decision not to rent to me was predetermined, and my $40 was all they wanted. After finding other complaint about this company, I’m glad to have been denied! But it is still bad business practices to lie to people about approvals without backing it up with factual evidence–especially to the very savy consumer. That’s bad business all the way around.

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