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Published: 30 January 2020

Posted by: NancyXie

I paid $83 aud monthly fee for 2 days (09/04/10- 10/04/19) that I forgetfully stayed “subscribed” to Unfortunately that”s hefty the price I have to pay (but will spread my word for this unjust treatment) for not “cancelling” within a 1 week paid trial. I didn”t even use this website for the 2 days (09/04, 10/04/19) that I got charged $83.00 and I was refused any refund, adjustments or pro rata billing by This is how I got robbed by : 1. I was not sent an email with reminder, or option to cancel nearing the conclusion of the 1 week paid trial. 2. I was not advised of start date of $83.00 monthly subscription. 3. I was not advised in any form (email, writing, via their website) when $83 was taken out of my account. No invoices. 4. Very sneaky… This information was also not available for me to view on in the form of: – reminder on the website eg notification when I log in (eg: your 1 week trial ends on 08/04/2019 and you will be charged from… Have been charged on… And how much) – nor is this information available if you look for it under my account. Absolutely nothing, no dates, no information, no options, just misleading rubbish. 5. I spoke to few reps from via email, and ended with (nicholas cohen) who told me the date I joined and date I canceled (after I requested this) as this information could not be found on their website at all. But he didn”t even apologise or explain how their website offered little or no information for the end user, he just rejected my request for any refund and told me they offered no billing adjustment for the 2 days I got charged $83 aud (for not even visiting their website). 6. The way I was treated and the way things got handled, is obvious this website is designed to profit from you not making an informed decision. They offer no reminders, emails, or dates, notifications, invoices, via writing or on their website, or under the my account that you are about be charged, you will be charged or that you have been charged. I paid in total excess of $90 aud for using this website within a 1 week trial!!! I was not offered any customer service, pro rata billing, billing adjustment, understanding or refund. took $83 out of my account and I was just expected to go away. To them it is okay to take money from people even when they haven”t offered any goods or services, while they keep you in the dark to prevent you from making an informed decision, and profit from taking your money from your bank account monthly. Can you just imagine if this (auto deducting without email notification, invoices) went for months?! This website with its lack of customer service is a seriously a bad design, misleading money eating machine waiting to suck you dry and I warn all to beware!!!

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