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Published: 14 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company has been beyond troublesome. Let me start in the beginning, I was polishing up my resume when I realized I wanted it to be perfect. I have a learning disability that makes margins and anything requiring visual spacing troublesome so I went online and googled free resume builder. Resume genius came up. I had finished my new and perfect resume then came time to print it out, they asked for my credit card information. I thought this was unusual. I had two options one of paying $1.95 for two weeks or $7.95 a month for a year. Obviously I didnt read the fine print, It was $7.95 cheaper than paying the monthly fee by paying a full annual fee of $95. I had only had this program for less than an hour when the reciept came. Words do not even begin to describe the flood of emotions that came my way when a free resume builder sent me a bill for almost $100. I immediatley called customer service asking for a refund and canceling my account. The customer service agent was more than willing to cancel my account but was unable to give me a refund. I asked to speak with her supervisor, the manager was in a meeting but I could email her. I had asked for her phone number and was told that the company only had one phone number and the fastest way to get in touch with the manager would be through email. A couple hours later a customer service representative called and asked if I had any concerns, I explained how I had only been on the program for less than an hour and would like a refund she said that I would not be able to recieve a refund as it was against company policy but I was more than welcome to share the program with family and friends. I asked to be tranfered to someone above her. I was, the supervisor said the same thing the customer service representative said, I asked if there were a direct phone number to reach his boss he said that this was an internet based company. We continued our little back and forth and he finally started to laugh at me. Fortunatley, I wrote down the email to the manager, hoping she would be able to do something about the situation. I emailed the manager told her about how I had only had the program for less than an hour before canceling and how the supervisor laughed at me while on the phone. The customer service agent who had provided me with the managers email made it sound like I would have to wait a few days to recieve a reply. I did not recieve a reply from the manager. I saw that the company had a facebook page and the facebook page had a messaging portion. I had messaged them saying I had a question, their response was to contact customer support. Here is where my relationship with Resume Genius doesnt seem to end, about two weeks after my incident I recieved an email saying my trial was almost over. I called resume genius asking what this was (I had just about given up hope on ever seeing my money again) and the customer service agent said that there was an error it was not for me and I could not get my money back. I get an email from the manager (who finally responded to my email) but she did not adress the behavior of the employee just that I could not get my money back. I had also recieved an unexpected email from John, the supervisor, He also said I could not get my money back but did not adress the strange email until I did. He said he checked with his companies fraud department and they never sent it. He did not apologize for the confusion or ensure me that my money is safe. After Realizing that my money was not coming back I started to accept it. But the strange email worries me that I have trusted the wrong people with my credit card information and it frightens me to think of what other information they have access to.

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