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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Once again remember, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is.” I was seraching for a service to help to re-write my resume and I came across “” Do not be fooled by their very professional looking web site – they are a scam. I want to make a career change and listed the previous professions in which I have worked so the “professional” resume writers would be able to consturct a resume suitable for my purpose. Fortunately, I discovered the scam of (the parent company of linked resume services) almost immediately. When I receivd an email for receipt of my payment it came from 1-on-1resumes. com, not who I intended and thought I hired. I went to the 1-on-1 site and found that their “guarantee” was that they would re-wirite your resume if you were not employed in 30 days, rather than refunding your money and giveing you that incentive of an additional $100.00 if you were not empployed in 45 days. When I called the number on the 1-on-1 site, imagine my surprise when my call was ansered by the same person as when I called ResumeWritersGroup. The woman tried to brush aside my questions about the two different sites saying it was just their way of using the internet to market to as many people as possible, however when I pointed out the two different guarantees, she agreed to refund my payment. A red flag also went up when I received an email asking me how the three careers listed had any connection to each other. THAT IS what I hired them to do, take aspects of each of those professions and look for overlapping characteristics or skills that I could highlight in a resume. No wonder their price is so cheap, they want you to do their work. When looking for a resume service on the internet check to see if there is any referrence to because they go by many different names.The latest I found by them contracting me after I instructed them to remove my email from all of their sites, was If you are not sure, either submit a written question best way since you will have proof in case of a later dispute) or use their onlline meesenger to chat with a respresentative. The only good thing I can say about this company is that since I caught their scheme quickly they did not process my credit card so I did not have to weight, or fight for a refund. I am filing a complaint with the Florida Attorney General and the Fair Tade Commission for fraudulent actions and unfair consumer practices, as well as continuing to send me emails after I told them to cease and desist. I would urge anyone else who has encountered the scam of to file complaint as well. .

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