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Published: 08 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

A little over a year ago I bought 2 retrosolutions 55w digital kit and a wiring harness for the headlights since I already had one laying around that i could use for the fog lights. One for my headlights and one for my fog lights. Shortly after the install (about 3 weeks) I noticed one of the bulbs in the headlight were green in color. I read up on it through various forums and I figured it might just be color wash out and soon all the other bulbs will follow suit. Problem was that wasn’t the case. I brought it too retrosolutions attention about 4 months later after i realized that the bulb or another component was defective and the problem wasn’t normal. When I emailed them i figured being as the kits i bought where labeled “high quality” and carried a life time warranty that there wouldn’t be a problem and they would tell me to send them in on warranty claim and ship me out a new kit. Boy was i wrong… The immediately told me that i must have improperly installed them. I told them that i’ve installed many HID kits in the past and never had an issue and that even with the highest quality control some things can slip through the cracks. Again they blamed me for the problems which insulted and offended me but i paid it no mind as I just wanted to have working HIDs. So retrosolutions made me to a bunch of tests. They had me check wires, count the seconds for them to shut off, clean and reinstall the ground wires, and everything passed as far as they said. Well this went on for a year. As time progressed both kits started to fall apart. By the time they finally gave me the necessary information to submit a warranty claim (a year later) all 4 of the bulbs were a different color and the drivers headlight started to do this mild flicker. I wrap each bulb and ballast in bubble wrap and ship them off. I didnt hear from them for about a week after they arrived so i sent them an email. This is where things get interesting… They send me a bill for $78 and tell me that i void the warranty because there was dielectric grease found on the contacts… I never used dielectric grease! I told them that and they email me back saying “Oh that was a mistake. Its because you didnt use dielectric grease which voids the warranty” I was like BULLS***. So we went back and forth for about a week. They played the blame game over and over and sent me countless bills with no explanation what they were for. Finally i had it. I told them if they will not honor their warranty then I will file a complaint with the better business bureau. They responded with saying that they will now replace just the bulbs even though there is a noted problem with one of the ballast if i provide proof that i used a wiring harness on the fog lights. For one the fog lights weren’t the only problem… The headlights which were running one of their harnesses were the bigger problem. So I crawled under my truck and took some pictures and sent the pictures to them. They didnt reply for 2 days later. When they did reply they sent me another one of their bills and then told me that they will need pictures of the connectors for the headlight wiring harnesses so again i go out take pics send them wait two days get another bill only for them to say that the only thing they can do is sell me another kit… Yeah thats what i want to do is buy another junk kit from this scam company… So by this point im beside my self. I file a complaint with the better business bureau. They reply with all these lies. They said that i never used a wiring harness, that there was a problem with my 2009 truck with less then 60k miles on it, that i made threats to them, and that my complaint is just an attempt to extort money from them…. Such crap… Then they immediately email me saying that they talked to the owner and hes willing to honor their warranty if i close my complaint on the BBB. So i tell retrosolutions that the only way i can close the complaint is if i receive the replacement first. So get this! Retro solutions tell me to tell the BBB that I falsely made a claim and that I have already received the product! They expected me to lie to the BBB and that would be the only way they would honor their warranty at that point. I honestly couldnt believe it. Im also 100% sure that if i did what they wanted me to with the BBB they still would try to figure out something to not honor their warranty. In the end the BBB did nothing and ended up closing the complaint as “unresolved”. Retrosolutions kept the hid kit that i paid for and sent in on a warranty claim on top of it all… Its just a shame that companies like this exist and will do anything for a quick buck. They lied to me in hopes id fall for it and buy a new junk kit from them. They have zero integrity and should be ashamed of them self. They are thieves and only see the customer as a dollar sign. Their “life time warranty” doesn’t exist. Its sad really. I just wanted what i paid for and instead i got junk and was given the run around for a year and in the end got robbed… Like i said i ended up giving up. I was wasting my time defending my self againt their costant lies againt me. Then they told me that they dont even handle the warranties and that id need to contact the manufacture… After a year they say this which i hardly believe… So i threw in the towel. Here is a copy of the final message i sent them over the BBB website. “Your business practices are so flawed… You lie to me and tell me that there is dielectric grease found which voids the warranty when there wasn’t. You tell me that you will only honor your warranty if I provide proof of a wiring harness but you didn’t. You request I lie to the BBB. You make me wait a whole year before giving me the necessary warranty information which you will not honor. Do you sleep well at night knowing that you sell junk products under a high quality labels? Your metal cases don’t compensate for the low quality kits you sell. In fact that might be the only thing of quality your company possesses.You would think, with so many competitor hid companies, freedom of speech, and internet forums out there, as a person, you would have a bit more integrity. Let me guess where this “manufacture” is located. Is it in china where i have no rights as a consumer? Your company has been through this issue before. You would think you would straighten up and change your ways to gain more business and keep your customers happy. But no, your main focus is the quick buck you scam off people who are just looking for a good quality HID kit. You see the customer as a dollar sign and nothing more. From one business owner to another you have no business owning a company. Time heals everything though, and maybe not now, but soon, you will have to file bankruptcy and close your door which would be the best thing for any one looking for a HID kit. The only people who would miss you, maybe, would be your friends, who i assume are your only source of income these days, on the RSX forum. You give a bad name to all internet vendors. You know you are scamming me. You know you sell junk and pass it off as high quality. But you don’t care because you have ZERO integrity. Shame on you as a person and shame on Retrosolutions as a company. From this moment on when ever the word HID is said I will make sure to share my experience with Retrosolutions. So keep your junk, you obviously need the money more then I do, theif. People need to be warned about Retrosolutions. No one should ever have to go through this for $300. So keep the money. You might soon need it to buy your self a meal. Sincerely,

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