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Published: 29 March 2019

Posted by: marycat

General Revenue Group called me about a medical bill they said I owe. They did not identify themselves as an independent debt collection agency. They did identify themselves as “a debt collection for the Attorney General’s Office of Ohio”. I willingly talked to them because I figured I did owe a medical debt, as I have many. I asked them for proof of this debt before I pay on it. She agreed. I continued to get “letters” but no proof of a bill. When I called the agency back, she said the letter with their account number and the amount is the only proof they provide. They continued to present themselves as working for the “Attorney Generals office” The line they gave me is that I owe the hospital, I didn’t pay, so they sent the debt to the Attorney General’s office so the Attorney General could collect the debt. The Attorney General then lets General Revenue contact us to set up a payment plan. If we agree, the Attorney General does not come after us… If we don’t the Attorney General will begin the process of collecting the debt. Also, there is a minimum payment each month that is required in order for the debt not to be sent back to the Attorney General… based on the amount of debt, mine was going to be $100.00/ month. Which I can not afford. I began to feel that this was all a falsified contact – that the lady from General Revenue was lying to me… about everything… that they are contacting us on behalf of the Attorney General, that I must pay a minimum of $100.00/month, that they can not provide any other form of the bill… What do you think>? Monday I am going to the hospital to find out more, but I want to know how much I am being scammed, or not. Anyone know?

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