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Published: 16 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Revitalix claims that their vitamins and supplements help sufferers of Fibromyalgia. I saw the National Fibromyalgia Association logo on their website and I assumed, erroneously that the NFA was giving this company their approval. Well, read the fine print because Revitalix states that they are no way involved with the NFA. I wrote an email to the department that handles the Right to Use NFA’s Logo and will update when I get a response. I asked them to verify not only the right to use NFA’s Logo, but the statement on Revitalix’s website that claims “”your purchase benefits the NFA.”” More about that later. I signed up for the free sample of Body Support Supplements for just the shipping price of $4.99. I read their Terms or at least I thought I read them correctly. It says that once you place the order, they ship within 2-3 days, BUT what I didn’t read correctly was that they will start me on the auto-ship program on Day 17 from the date that you PLACE YOUR ORDER, not the date you RECEIVE YOUR ORDER. Their Terms state that they figure that the Supplements are a two weeks trial sample and since they ship them out in 2-3 days, you are receiving about two weeks to decide if you want to stay on the monthly auto-ship or cancel. The monthly auto-ship cost is $74.99, yes you read it right. $74.99!, but you can cancel anytime, says their website. I called the company to cancel the order because I am very close to Day 17 and I just received the vitamins. When they said I could cancel them Any Time, I didn’t know that they meant Any Time I could get them to pick up the phone. They don’t answer, but I left my information on the voicemail. I guess I need to keep calling until I can get a confirmation number. I don’t trust them and I don’t want any more vitamins that cost what 2 one hour massages cost me. The bottle states the recommended daily amount is 4 capsules per day. They are huge capsules too. Here’s what they don’t tell you in the Terms of Service. The 2-3 days for them to ship the product is not their E.T.A., its their turnaround time to get them to USPS to ship. They send them regular mail, so the shipping price they charge is not over charging, BUT you are going to have to wait up to 2 weeks for them to arrive in your mailbox. They also state they will refuse any return that doesn’t have a correct RMA on the outside of return package, so don’t refuse shipment or return to sender because they won’t accept them back that way. I will update this report when I receive an response from NFA about the use of their Logo and donations to NFA from Revitalix. I don’t want to state my opinion about this. I do have Fibromyalgia and have difficulty with memory and staying on point, so I thank you for reading my post and if I don’t write in complete thoughts, i will blame it on Fibro, like everything else. 😉 .

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