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Published: 25 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve had multiple issues with this organization since I moved to Orlando. I was simply looking for a place to play soccer recreationally, and found them through a quick online search of my area. It seems pretty good at first, their main draw is pick-up soccer on Wednesdays and Sundays, in which it’s $5 per person to play for the night. They offer what they call a “developmental program” which includes pickup for both nights of the week for the entire ssession (fall, spring, both about 8-12 weeks), and supposedly an extra hour of play before pick-up on Sundays. I went ahead and signed up for the fall, and although I had to sit out with an injury, a good amount of the Sunday sessions were canceled. I decided to do it again this year, and most have been canceled in the first couple of months due to no one being around to run the first hour. Wednesday nights have also turned into a weekly practice for a local high school team or two, so in two hours you get 4 10 minutes “games” for your time and money. Before I started catching on that there was something amis with these people, I was attracted by their other revenue stream, setting up teams in local coed leagues. I saw multiple posts about an 8v8 league, and had 4 friends interested in playing so I contacted the main organizer/poster/face of the organzation (who in 6 months I have actually met 1 time). I was very clear in the fact that there were only 5 of us so we’d need another half of the team (5 guys and 3 girls on the field at once is the rule), since not everyone can make it every week usually 10-12 people is best for an 8v8 league. Also that 3 of them were complete beginningers, so we would rather find another league than play in a competitive league. He assured me that both points were fine, and charged us all $65 to pay him directly. Most of the team couldn’t make it the first week (which we had informed him of beforehand). On the second week we find out that not only is the individual sign-up fee $60 (which would’ve been the better route), but he had actually only signed up the 5 of us plus 4 other people, for 9 total. The 2 girls in our 5 were the only 2 on the whole roster. After the 2nd week, only 2 of those guys continually showed up to play, leaving us with a team of 7 in an 8v8 league. As the season went on we tried contacting him for help and clarity, without success. We had to try to recruit week in and week out, and sometimes simply forfeit since there were not enough players. It ended up being a learning experience for us, and sometimes a downright expesive waste of time. I highly recommend signing up for leagues yourself, and finding ways around this organization because they are extremely disorganized (either deliberately or not) and are only in it to make a few extra bucks while trying to execute a half-assed pipe dream of getting a team into the CFSL.

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