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Selling Exorbitantly Priced, USELESS Leads!

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Published: 27 June 2020

Posted by: Elias Parker

RGR Marketing are LYING in their website. They are a sham! I hired them on XX December 2019 for getting solar leads for my business. We are a solar installer based in XXXX,CA and we were looking for some serious solar leads, an alleged specialization of RGR Marketing. I conctacted them through their official website forum and recieved an email back the next day. They said that they can get me 2-5 leads every week! That’s a lot of leads for the solar market but their claim did not shock me after I read the price they were asking for each lead. They were going to charge me $200 PER LEAD! I negotiated and the final price came down to $140! I should’ve stopped right then and there, because a legitmate lead generation company NEVER gets their prices down by $60 for a lead. The fact that the price went from $200 to $160 was enough of a red flag for me to avoid workign with them, but I was crazed by my obsession in the market. I went ahead and they asked me to make an advance payment of $XXXX. As I did not have any experience in buying solar leads, I thought you were supposed to make advance payments, later on I found out that you only pay once you have the lead. I feel like a f***ing fool right now. The payment was quite big and I expected some good quality leads. The ”leads” they sent to my sales staff were disgraceful. Some did not have the money to buy my solar panels and some who were rich, weren’t interested in solar. I was left SHOCKED. I paid up a $hit ton of money for these leads, and we landed only 2 out of 20 of them. This is totally unnegligible espeically when you are charging $140 PER LEAD!!! I emailed the customer service of RGR Marketing at [email protected] and they responded rapidly. HOWEVER, they were totally vague when I asked them about their quality of leads. These @$$holes claim to have the ”best quality solar leads” and they defrauded me! They stopped responding when I asked for the refund of those USELESS 18 leads! The behaviour of the staff takes a full 180 after you pay them up and boy they want every bit of money they can get from you. I’ve been trying to reach the RGR Marketing staff for 6 months now and they don’t care to even respond. All they wanted was my money and after they got it, they stopped giving a flying fcku. They make fake claims about the quality of leads they have and try to reel in any new commers in the solar market so they can steal their money. They are running an elaborate systematic scam and the owners should be thrown in jail for their relentless crimes. Period. This company is a total fraud! They are criminals! I would never recommend anyone to hire RGR Marketing! AVOID THEM!

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