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A terrifying place to send your child or anyone else

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Published: 23 April 2019

Posted by: anonymous

The place is disgusting and filled with low-minded bags of scum who deliberately look away from others’ problems. They support BULLYING and they don’t do anything about it. The problem is humongous considering this college has been operating since 2008.

They don’t care if one of their students is in depression due to constant bullying. No, all they care about is getting the payments by the end of every semester. The management is filled with careless criminals. My son had taken admission there last year. I thought it’ll be an amazing experience for him. But I was so wrong. He had to face the wrath of his seniors the first day he went there. It started with a little teasing and ended with him crying in his bathroom after a few hours. It was all a shock for him.

But he didn’t tell me. And the bullying didn’t stop. He tried to contact the management later to complain about the misbehaviour of a few students. The officials simply said that he is a man and it’s pretty normal in new institutions. He shouldn’t worry and things will get normal. My poor boy thought they were telling the truth. He was certain everything will be ok. But the next thing you know, he was surrounded by those scumbags again and saw one of his engulfed in flames.

This was terrifying for him. When I talked to him during that period he never told me anything about bullying. He wanted to stand up for himself. He tried too but failed miserably. The college staff never really helped him in any sense. He complained about his senior’s misdeeds many times but no one listened. Finally, he contacted me last month.

When he told me all this, I got him out of the institute and now he is in severe depression. He was getting mentally and emotionally tortured there and I’m glad he is away from that hell hole. I believe no one deserves to see their son cry about their first experience in a good college. RGV isn’t a good college. It’s a pathetic place filled with money-hogging suit-wearers and retarded students who think it’s funny to force feed laxatives to another person.

I just wish my son recovers from the entire trauma. It was a horrible experience for him at RGV. And these few months damaged him a lot. I also wish that those pieces of trash will get thrown in jail for the kind of treatment they gave to my kid. When I contacted the officials at RGV, they simply told me that they weren’t aware of any incident. They even called my son a liar!

Believe me, whether you’re thinking of going there yourself or sending any of your relatives, don’t. It’s a horrifying place which supports bullying. You would get permanent scars in your memory and that’s really a bad thing to happen. Don’t make the mistake I made. Stay away from RGV.

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