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Published: 15 February 2019

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Company names of Spray-Lining, LLC and Rhino Linings Corporation conflict on claims from employees of Body Shops, Truck Builders & Repair Shops on Cancer caused by Carcinogents within Polyureas they both manufacture. Spray-Lining does make safer formulas, however. After Lining & Coating Svc ran ads on non-hazardous Spray-Lining, Line-X dealers that compete in the same area filed suits against Lining & Coating Svc, owned by Kurt McClintock. He was supposedly Revoked from Line-X. In Line-X franchises using competing product formulas are considered a breach of contract. Ads on Clear Chanel Communications, clearchannel.com promoted “Saftey of Spray-Lining verses Line-X which causes cancer in lab rats & animals & its applicators”. Lining & Coating Svc used Rhino Linings and Spray-Lining formulas as a Rhino dealer. They seemed like partners against Line-X but these are just names of companies that are separate, competing vendors. The radio ads & ABRN Magazine Ads searchautoparts.com drove hundreds of thousands of dollars away from locally competing Line-X Dealers. “Six of them were revoked”, said Russell Lewis, owner of Rhino. Jeff Powell of Spray-Lining said, “Without a certain volume of poluureas purchased monthly by a Line-X dealer they’ll be revoked from the franchise”. After surpassing over $700,000.00 in commercially scammed revenue, Spray-Lining stepped in to cease fraudulant acts done out of revenge. Kevin Lupowitz, CIA of Alclear, LLC also founding employee of Liquidnet & CEO of Direct Markets, Inc may have relations with Sam, Julius & Joeseph Lupowitz, all esteemed business people in coatings Risk Analitics were behind the saftey of Spray-Lining’s non-cancer-causing formulas. These men had voting stocks also held by these four related people, as well as Sidney & Emanual Lupowitz in DuPont & PPG. “Therefor its as if Spray-Lining & Rhino Linings were subcidized at times by PPG & Dupont”, said Bill Dalburo, employee of Spray-Lining, manufacturer & major vender to many competing dealerships, prevously using Rhino’s or Line-X’s carcinogetic materials. “The Line-X scam was actually true”, Lewis said about Lining & Coating Svc by McClintock whose Fake commercials made a strong, valid point: If a Line-X dealer can obtain safety in Spray-Lining then why should he be forced as a scam or fraudulant criminal or just a sucker to risk getting cancer? If Texture Liners or Texlinings can be free of isocyanates, also at a lower price than Line-X, fake names don’t matter. Applicator safety matters much more. That Lining & Coating Texlining may scam more fake commercials but may save several lives. See employment-studies.co.uk/news/es12art7.php & see paintsquare.com/news/?fuseaction=view&id=9834 . This was written for Claudio Burton who was glad to have sold Line-X & now operates Bullet Liner.

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