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Save your vehicle from being butchered by Liners from Rhino Linings! Worst service ever!

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Published: 28 August 2017

Posted by: Cherry J. Thompson

Rhino Linings is the worst truck coating agency out there!! Please do not trust you vehicle in their hands! You might get it in worse condition than when you gave it to them! All spray-ons done by Rhino Lining will deteriorate and crumble in no time. Take my word for it.

I am highly disappointed in their service and ability of their staff. The staff has no skills or experience with truck lining! On 18th June 2015, I was promised that my vehicle will be serviced and ready to use in the same day. Even after two days I didn’t get any calls for pickup from the dealer end. When I enquired I was told that they will need to more days to service my vehicle as they had shortage of manpower. I received my vehicle after 5 days.

When finally my truck was serviced and returned it looked amazing. But my happiness was short lived. Now keep in mind I hardly haul anything in the back of my truck. Within a week of its arrival the liner started showing signs of deterioration! As days went by, the lining started showing signs of extreme fading, discoloration and in some areas even peeling. On closer inspection of my vehicles, I found out there was overspray of applicant all over it. The residue was even smudged on the dashboard and windshield! I managed to get it of the windshield but couldn’t get it off the hood of the vehicle.

This some seriously messed up handiwork by Rhino Linings! I could even see numerous scratches on the hood when they must have applied the Rhino Liner. Also there were several places where the bed beneath the liner had started to peel off. It was just a terrible job on their part to handle any vehicle in such a piss poor manner! I could see spots all over the trim where they had done a bad masking job. I personally recommend people not to use any service or product associated with Rhino Linings! This company is just another example how the consumer ultimately suffers at the hands of corporation who just do not care about anything but money.

Rhino Linings have the worst customer service I have ever come across in my life! I called their office in California (858-450-0441) to claim my warranty for their shabby servicing. My calls hardly get through to them. If you call their customer service half the time your call is put on hold for a long time. I was even kept on hold for about 30 mins. Now when I got through I registered a complaint against them and threatened to file a complaint if they do not agree to the term of their contract.

They informed me my request has been registered and a service man from their firm will come to my place check the vehicle for assessment. No such man came to check the vehicle or the bad condition of the liner. Their customer service is almost nonexistent and when they do answer the call they say that they will revert to my request by end of the day. They have never called me back. If you ever have the time to nail them down here are their co-ordinates –
9747 Businesspark Ave
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone: 858-450-0441
Website: http://www.rhinolinings.com

My vehicle in a month’s time looked as if it was butchered by Rhino Linings! I can’t imagine the quality of material they use in making their products. Rhino Linings scammed me of my money with promises of a good lining job. I lost both my time and money! Instead I had to shell out more money to properly service my truck!

Rhino Linings had even given me a lifetime warranty for their liner. Well that was worthless in itself. These people do not stand behind their products. As I had purchased the product from a dealer associated with Rhino Linings, I was told I should approach the dealer for compensation of my product. The dealer refused to pay up as the warranty is supposed to be borne by the manufacturer.

When I inform Rhino Linings about this, they curtly replied that they could not help me in this case and hung up! Since that day, I’m either waiting for their customer service to respond or I am told that the dealer will compensate for my losses. Till date I have received no compensation from the dealer or Rhino Linings. I even told them I gonna post this article all over the net. They just didn’t care what I did. Here’s my advice everyone. Just save your vehicle from Rhino Linings.

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