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Published: 15 September 2018

Posted by: Bare Essence-R

Date : 3/26/16, i don”t have a client number for this specific complaint, this covers a multitude of incidents and unprofessional behavior by this third party staffing co. I have had numerous incidents where they are not giving me my credit for the free gold earned on the Hi5 site. Today they have locked me out from playing by leaving this automated message, “sorry we have no offers for you at this time” Code 310. i have done nothing wrong except stand up for myself. They continue to make errors, not giving me the credits i am due. i have to constantly send in a request/complaint to them proving to them i completed an ad/offer. They have credited the wrong accounts. i have a Tagged account and a Hi5 account. the post health offers which i do and yet i am not allowed to play them. Example: Fib Assessement, Heart Assessement, Depression Assessement, there are many more. When i try to do more than 3 or 4 they put this on the screen “sorry this offer is no longer available” yet it is on the page. i feel like i am being targeted because i stand up for myself and did say i would file a complaint. When i play i use my point to give luv and several times i gave luv actually on 3/25/16 point to a friend and they were not given the credits. they are trying to shut me out of playing on Hi5 and this is not fair. i am still able to play on my Tagged account but i wonder how long. they have removed most of the health ad/offers and place them on the Tagged site and the same health offers they will make you do five of them for less points but on the other site Tagged the same health ads/offers are available for twice the amount of credits. i feel like they are retailating against me and someone needs to monitor them. They have offer on their that come with spyware, malware warnings but yet they ignore you when you explain this by telling you it is your broweser of your adblock. My computer is fine. i want to be able to continue to play on both sites, what they are doing is targeting me because i spoke up. If i have complained to them numerous amounts of times it is because they continue to make errors. they are keeping me from playing Free gold on the HI5 site by telling me ther are no offers. they are lieing, my friends are playing on that site right now. i want someone to investigate what is going on, they have unfairly targeted me and are constantly making me file a request/complaint to them so i can receive my credits/points. They are not following their own rules. I am African-American, i am also a Senior citizen who is disabled and enjoy playing this game but they are making it difficult by making me and others prove over and over again that we read and ad/offer or watched a whole video. A lot of those ads are misleading and they come with a security warning to leave the page. i don”t think they have the right to keep me from playing on a site because i have stood up for myself. i have read other complaints and others are saying the same thing, they do not want to give you the credits you have earned, i have not been vulgar towrds them but i have been direct, like saying: give me the points i am due, you know i earned them. i want this looked into and i want to be able to play on the Hi5 site and they need to stop cheating me and others out of our point/credits. They remove all the health ads so you can”t play them on the HI5 site, then when you go to the other Tagged site they will not let you play what is on the page. Please give me some answers and help. I am being targeted and it is not right, another friend said, they were not getting their points/credits either, even the ones who pay for the Gold…Sincerely Bare Essence-R If my spelling is a little bit off that is part of my disability…

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