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Published: 13 March 2019

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Summary: I retained Jason Ricardo’s service in representing me in a Foreclosure Case 01/03/2012. I had began communication with him in Nov 2011. On 06/20/12 Jason appeared for me in court (I was not notified of hearing, and all paperwork was going to him and his offices). He stated: “”I was just retained a few weeks ago, and requesting more time to write discovery.”” Yes, I have the court transcripts. Below is a copy of the complaint that I filed with the FL Bar asking if he was misleading to the courts for his faluse statement. He replied to my compaint, and I provided a “”rebuttal”” (also herein) to the FL Bar within the required time-frame, which was done 12/28/2013. I have heard nothing since. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Comm. (prior to filing to FL Bar, plus provided them with the paperwork filed to FL Bar) and have a case number. I have gotten no reply whatsoever. Jason did again appear for me in Jan & Feb of 2014, and both times made faulse statements about my case. When my home was “”set for sale”” again, Jason only offered to file another “”lawsuit”” and I would have had to pay him $2500.00 within a two week period for him to continue with my case. He also would not accept a $1000. downpayment, and monthly payments (even taken driectly from my bank account), which was all that I could afford at that time. Subsequently my home was sold at auction, and I had to relocate… I also feel that I was a victim of FL Hardest Hit tactics and have proof. Company that is presently under Federal Investigation for fraud. Another thing that should have helped me save my home was that the St Attorney General setteled a lawsuit with the Law Firm came after me, that was representing Bank of American for 1 million for fraud. According to a Consumer Attorney (which I totally agree) “”my case”” was something of a mess. To any Judge, it all would appear to be “”stall tactics.”” I also was one that “”filed my own first motion”” by going to Stetson Law Library. I have been told that I did a good/decent job by many, but also that this was something against me as well. I have still heard nothing back, to date, from FL Bar or Federal Trade Comm. Filed to FL Bar: Foreclosure Case: 09-014337-1 Exhibit A (2pgs): 1st payment (pg.1) (Case Review); $500. 12/12/11. 2nd payment (pg.1) (retainer down-payment) 01/03/12. Receipt from Ricardo $500.00 payment (pg.2) for case review. Exhibit B (1pg): 3rd final payment $1000. 01/03/12. Bank copy check 562. Check 562 history of cleared transaction 01/19/12. Total payments $1750.00 Exhibit C (2pgs): Receipt “Fee Paid for Services” pg 2 w/ improper date full payment. Invoice 11804 Exhibit D (3pgs): Notice “Re-Notice of Foreclosure Sate) Exhibit E (1pg): Notice from Ricardo of further fees owed of $100. Invoice 11869 Exhibit F (2pgs): Emergency Motion to Cancel Sale Date Exhibit G (2pgs): Motion Filed, “Motion to Stay Proceedings to Permit Post-Judgement Discovery Exhibit: H (8pgs): Transpiring emails towards end of case. Read in reverse order from pg 8 to pg 1. Exhibit: I: (3pgs): Foreclosure Defense Representation Agreement & Legal Representation Agreement Courts made aware of change of council: 04/08/12 Filing: 06/22/12 (without my knowledge as requested) Motion to Stay requesting cancel of “Sale Date” to allow Post-Discovery:….Motion Instantly Denied. Argument: Attorney had ample time to prepare for case (retained Jan 2012), instead, requesting more time to write/prepare “Discovery.” Agreement to build case to proceed with Lawsuit/Motion: Bank of America, MERS Corp, Marshall C. Watson/Caryn A. Graham. Was attorney misleading/fraudulent/lying to/towards the courts? Stating he was retained June 20, 2012 when he was retained January 03, 2012. Total pages including complain form: 24pgs Rebuttal to Jason Rciardo’s Reply: December 28, 2013 William W. Wilhelm Bar Counsel The Florida Bar (cc: Jason Ricardo Ricardo & Wasylik, PL PO Box 2245 Dade City, FL 33526-2245) Re: Complaint from XXXXXXXXXXXXXX against Jason Ricardo Mr. Wilhelm, Rebuttal to receipt of Jason Ricardo’s reply to complaint. Agreement: Complaint was; in question as to lying and/or misleading the Courts/Judge. Copy enclosed and outlined: Exhibit F, page 1 of 2pgs, 2. On June 20, 2012, Homeowner retained undersigned counsel to review court documents and file a Motion to Vacate Judgment. Counsel retained: January 2012, not June 2012. Previous payments provided: copies again included. Exhibit A: 1 of 2 pgs Exhibit B: 1 of 1 pgs Exhibit C: 1 of 2 pgs Included: copy of envelope that reply was sent in, from Jason Ricardo, with no postmarked date. Total pgs: Including this cover page; 9pgs total. Final thought: Fighting “”City Hall”” is not for the “”little guy”” What I mean is; fighting this system is tough for anyone. I was not one trying to just get out of paying my mortgage. I was never late on a payment before my injury on the job in 11/07. I even made my payments for nine months after my injury. Then denied 3yrs back-pay through my Worker’s Comp claim was really the demise of my struggles. My own attorney refusing to file “”appeal”” stating, “”You will have to pay their attorney fees if you loose.”” Even my agruement of not allowing my own witness to come forward didn’t help me. I should have been awarded nearly 150K, and was offered $1600. 00….yes that’s Sixteen Hundred dollars… .

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